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Sounds Natural Has Faith in CDs for Learning Birdsong

August 2, 2013

KIRKCUDBRIGHT, Scotland, August 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Despite the rush for Apps, Downloads and new mobile devices, Sounds Natural believes
that CDs are the best way to let its productions provide the way to learn some of the
wealth of UK birdsong. This applies especially to Scotland, where most of our recordings
are made.

Of course the short sound bites can let us learn what species is singing or calling,
but to link several species to their songs and calls we need to listen in depth to
birdsong recorded as it happens out in the countryside.

That’s what Sounds Natural provides, with the help of experts on the spot to identify
birds as they sing and call in various British habitats. Also, once you know the songs of
several species, we can supply those songs and calls to enjoy on their own, with no words
of identification.

The latest production to let you learn what’s singing is entitled “Confusing Pairs of
Birdsong”, the third in a series which begins with “Beginning Birdsong” and goes on to
“Continuing Birdsong”.

For more details contact:

        Ken Jackson
        Producer, Sounds Natural
        Tel: +44(0)1557-339-000
        Email: info@soundsnatural.net
        Website: http://www.soundsnatural.net

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