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Fostered by the Internet, RELLECIGA Overturns the Traditional Design and Production Process of Swimwear Industry

August 8, 2013

HONG KONG, Aug. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Rikini, which refers to bikini swimwear that can be worn in multiple ways, is created by RELLECIGA (“RC” for short) and will be launched soon. The multi-worn bikini swimwear, as its name implies, is a kind of bikini with versatility, which can lift up your spirits and challenge your creativity. It undoubtedly will be seen as another impressive work of RELLECIGA in the near future.

Relying on a sound platform – the Internet, RELLECIGA, on the one hand, is strongly influenced by the spirits of the Internet which are openness, innovativeness and equality. On the other hand, the Internet offers a freely communicative platform that allows RELLECIGA to get closer to the customers. As a result, various high-quality ideas that come from the customers’ requirements inspire the designers and all these together make things work. Rikini is a perfect example. RC’s designer team is able to grasp dynamic information quickly from the company’s official website and other social network services, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. As we know, the target customers of RELLECIGA are young ladies between 18 and 28, many of whom are not loyal to a certain style. They are always in a dilemma – swinging between two or more choices. Concerning this issue, RELLECIGA will introduce Rikini, which will meet the requirements of these young ladies’ multi-styles.

The Internet brings not only material and inspiration to designers, but even further interaction with customers. RELLECIGA overturned the traditional design and production process by engaging the customers in the entire process. Moreover, RC’s personnel think highly of the views and suggestions from their customers and gathers them periodically from the company’s official website. They will keep improving their design and production based on all the customers’ feedback. All RC wants and its goals are to perfect their bikinis and satisfy their customers.

This is the key benefit that the Internet provides to RELLECIGA, and it is also the notable characteristic which distinguishes RELLECIGA from the other swimwear brands. Furthermore, RELLECIGA is willing to share this benefit with more people, and offers more qualified products and services to them.

Girls, if you are inspired by the brand new mode of production, if you are interesting in taking part in the design process, don’t hesitate to leave your comments on RC’s official website: www.relleciga.com or follow RELLECIGA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Your advice will definitely be appreciated.

SOURCE RELLECIGA.com and giftforsexy.com

Source: PR Newswire