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Best Computer Science Degrees, the Free Online Guide to Computer Science Education, Schools and Careers, Publishes List Honoring the 20 Most Influential Computer Scientists Living Today

August 27, 2013

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The website Best Computer Science Degrees has published new research entitled the “20 Most Influential Living Computer Scientists.” Featured names include pioneers in programming, operating systems, and the Internet, among others. The BestComputerScienceDegrees.com article is meant as a tribute to these individuals and as an inspiration for those considering a career in the field. The full list can be viewed at: http://www.bestcomputersciencedegrees.com/20-influential-living-computer-scientists/.

With the prevalence of computers and software in every aspect of modern life, the website chose to research and highlight those individuals who are most responsible for the world we live in today.

The list of 20 influential computer scientists includes such names as:

    --  Sir Tim Berners-Lee              Berners-Lee invented the World Wide

    --  Bob Kahn and Vinton Cerf               Kahn and Cerf are known as the
        co-fathers of the modern Internet. Together, they influenced the
        development of TCP/IP for network information transfer.

    --  Linus Torvalds              Torvalds is a Finnish/American engineer who
        developed the computer operating system known as Linux.

    --  Steve Wozniak             As a co-founder of Apple, Inc., Wozniak is
        well-known in the world of computer science. He is the creator of the
        original Apple computers.

    --  Larry Page and Sergey Brin              They are Google's co-founders,
        and their company defines online search.

    --  Matt Mullenweg              The world of online publishing got a major
        upgrade when Mullenweg launched the open source platform known as
        WordPress. The software lets non-technical users create personal
        websites and blogs.

    --  Brian Kernighan                  Kernighan is best known as a
        co-contributor to the development of the UNIX operating system in 1969.
        UNIX is the basis for Linux, as well as Apple's O.S.X. and many other
        operating systems.

    --  Ken Thompson                 Thompson was the lead designer for the
        group of scientists who invented UNIX. He is also the inventor of B
        programming language, which preceded C programming language. Thompson's
        most recent title is Distinguished Engineer for Google.

    --  Rasmus Lerdorf                  He invented PHP, which is one of the
        most powerful and popular scripting program languages in the world. PHP
        is currently used in over 80 percent websites.

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