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Crowdsource Dating Advice: New App to Rescue Men and Women

September 2, 2013

LONDON, September 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Say Something launches on fundraising platform IndieGogo

Crowdsource your dating advice – that’s the promise of a new iPhone application, Say
Something [http://bit.ly/GogoSayIt ], currently on fundraising platform, Indiegogo.

Rescuing men and women from awkwardness, eerie silences and slaps, Say Something will
turn confusing first dates into an enjoyable, fun play.

Say Something allows men to practice their conversational skills with real women and
vice versa. The app presents a situation, for example, ‘You’re standing at a bar and she
smiles at you’, and then asks the player to type what they would say. Female players then
immediately give feedback, giving it a thumbs-up or down. They also type their own
response, to which the man can provide feedback too.

Maeva Bire, Community Developer of Say Something, said, “We want to save the world
from poor small-talk. Men have lost the confidence to strike a conversation, and when they
do, usually after a few beers, it’s terrible. Say Something seeks to change that. Men and
women from around the world can practice their conversational skills from the comfort of
their home, and learn what works and what doesn’t. As it’s a real conversation, it can
keep going for as long as they like.”

Marian Gazdik, Creator of Say Something, explained his motivation for wanting to build
this crowdsourcing platform for personal dating advice, “When the idea surfaced with a
group of friends, what surprised me was the overwhelming positive response from the girls.
They were saying how amazing it would be to give honest feedback, and perhaps to help
build confidence of men. The more we tested the idea with the public, the greater the
positive response. It’s been funny to see men laugh at the idea, pause, and then say:
‘actually I’d like to give that a go’.”

Say Something is seeking to raise $31,000 (GBP20,000) to develop a and bring the app
to market, promising backers who pledge $75 (GBP49) an online dating profile makeover with
a Professional Online Dating Expert, and for $990 (GBP640) a weekend in Las Vegas.

        For more information or any questions contact:
        Marian Gazdik
        E-mail: marian@idatingsim.com
        Indiegogo Fundraising Page: http://bit.ly/GogoSayIt
        Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwvGzsKFkmg

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