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Bunny Ranch Owner Dennis Hof Issues $100,000 Challenge To The HIV-Afflicted US Porn Industry

September 10, 2013

“If You Want To Die Young, Just Keep Making Condom-Less Porn — Or You Can Come Work In A Legal Brothel, And Live To A Ripe Old Age Using Condoms!”

CARSON CITY, Nev., Sept. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Bunny Ranch (www.BunnyRanch.com) brothel baron Dennis Hof has announced that he will pay $1000 cash to the first 100 porn stars that abandon their condom-less XXX careers, and instead work for his Nevada-based seven-brothel empire, where they have a legally-mandated “all condoms-all-the-time” policy.

“We stand ready to absorb the entire Los Angeles porn talent pool into our brothels and give them immediate jobs, and if that puts the Los Angeles condom-less porn industry out of business, so be it,” declares Hof, who employs thousands of legal prostitutes throughout Nevada.

“I want all adult performers to understand that their choice is not between doing condom-less porn, or flipping hamburgers–but that they can become adult superstars at the Bunny Ranch, and earn six-figure incomes, without having to engage in any dangerous sex practices. We are all-condoms, all the time, and proud of it.”

Hof said he was prompted to action by the US porn industry’s second shutdown in less than a month after yet another adult video performer tested positive for HIV over the weekend. Unlike the porn industry, where condoms are seldom used, since 1981 the Nevada brothel industry has legally required condoms to be used at all times–and as a result has gone over 30 years without a single transmission of any sexually-transmitted disease.

“When I heard that the US porn industry had to shut down again last weekend, it just made me sick. My heart goes out to the thousands of porn actresses out there that go to work each day, not knowing if this will be the day they catch syphilis, hepatitis or HIV because they have to work without condoms,” says Hof, “They have to live in terror each month waiting for their tests to come back—will this be the one that will destroy their life? In our brothels the opposite is true. Condoms are mandatory, and our girls never have to worry about HIV, never!”

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