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Family Of Late Boxing Trainer Angelo Dundee Announces New Direction With Brand

September 18, 2013

Among the changes the family has indicated, comes the termination of a licensing agreement

MIAMI, Sept. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Jim Dundee, son of the late world famous boxing trainer Angelo Dundee has decided to terminate the licensing agreement which saw Angelo Dundee’s 5(th) Street Gym re-open three years ago at 555 Washington Avenue in the heart of Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Jim Dundee stated: “My father alongside his head trainer and protege Matt Baiamonte dreamed of re-opening the 5(th) Street Gym which created countless boxing champions to include Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and many others. With great sorrow I felt it best to move in a different direction as I felt that the gym was being managed in the manner my father wouldn’t deem fit. After much soul-searching I sent a cease and desist letter to all parties involved, and effectively terminated the agreement on May 1(st) of this year.”

Former partners in the now closed gym, Tom Tsatas and Dino Spencer are close to opening a separate gym on South Beach under the name “World Famous 5(th) Street Gym” which bears no affiliation to the Dundee name or brand.

Jim Dundee stated: “I want to make clear that the ‘World Famous 5(th) Street Gym’ that is being opened by Tom Tsatas and Dino Spencer on Miami Beach is in no way affiliated with my father Angelo Dundee, the Dundee family, nor with my father’s protege Matt Baiamonte.”

Dundee continued: “We are exploring opening Angelo Dundee’s 5(th) Street Gym in the future with a more structured team in place that can carry on my father’s dream. My father’s protege and head trainer Matt Baiamonte will continue to be involved in all aspects of our decision making process.”

South Beach was once known for producing and training some of the best boxers in the world. Before the night clubs and the sexy strip we know now as “South Beach” there stood the original 5(th) Street Gym which opened its doors in 1950. This run down gym, so mythological and legendary, it was nicknamed “OZ”. Chris Dundee or the “Wizard of Oz” and Angelo Dundee also known as the “Prince of Oz” trained countless world boxing champions to include Carmen Basilio, Sugar Ray Leonard, Willie Pastrano, and of course “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali. Celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Jackie Gleason, Joe Louis, and others would make their way to Miami just to touch the magic that was housed inside the walls of the 5(th) Street Gym.

This announcement by the Dundee family marks a very deliberate choice and strategy to maintain the tradition and integrity of a man, that many would consider the most storied [boxing] trainer of all time.

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