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Six Flags St. Louis Presents Expanded Fright Fest with Extra Days, New Haunted Attractions and More Scare Zones

September 23, 2013

Theme Park’s Annual Halloween Celebration Is Bigger and Scarier in 2013

EUREKA, Mo., Sept. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Six Flags St. Louis’ 2013 Fright Fest®, which is presented by Snickers®, gives guests more days and longer hours to scream over the park’s new haunted attractions. Kicking off on Saturday, September 28, Fright Fest will run five weekends and feature the new haunted maze, Total Darkness, and the new hayride, Zombie Paintball Apocalypse. Fright Fest will also feature more freakishly frightening characters lurking about in their new areas throughout the park. It’s Thrills by Day and Fright by Night at the World’s Largest Halloween Party.

Thrills By Day

The daylight hours offer not-so-scary shows and attractions suitable for all fright thresholds.

    --  Macabre Mansion -- Visitors can learn the story of the Macabre family
        misfortune while touring the family home where story telling takes place
        throughout the day and treat bags are given out to guests 12 years of
        age and under.
    --  Love At First Fright -- A Fright Fest favorite, the Grand Witch is
        searching for the perfect brain for her beloved Frankie. The wicked cast
        of this live musical includes Wolfe, Riff, The Bride of Frankenstein and
    --  Deadman's Party -- Special effects and ghoulish dancing by our cast of
        creatures make this musical review to die for.
    --  Trick or Trance Hypnosis -- Direct from Las Vegas, Steve Daly returns to
        the Empire Theatre and invites volunteers to be hypnotized on stage in
        front of a live audience.
    --  Hay Maze --This area features spooky twists and turns just for young
        ghouls and boys.

Fright By Night

Freaks Unleashed, the ceremonial arrival of our creatures at the St. Louis Train Station, signals that the hour of terror and chaos has come. As guests make their way through the park, they will encounter not only our haunted attractions but gruesome scare zones that some may not be brave enough to enter.

    --  Total Darkness -- New for 2013! This newest haunted house attacks ones
        sense of direction and sensitivity to sound...all surrounded by
        darkness. Guests attempt to make their way through this maze where
        doorways lead to nowhere and hallways seem unending, while their screams
        are lost in the maddening music. Unfortunately, guests will not be alone
        in the darkness.
    --  Zombie Paintball Apocalypse -- New for 2013! Riders take their place on
        wagons armed with special paintball guns that fire tracer rounds into
        the night. The mission: rid the woods of a band of rogue zombies that
        have taken over.
    --  Blind Fury  -- This abandoned toy factory has been taken over by
        demented toys who taunt guests making their way through disorienting
        hallways filled with moving doors, vibrating walls, blinding lights and
        unnerving special effects.
    --  The Slaughter House -- One must make their way through the underground
        corn maze before entering through the body storage room where the real
        terror begins. Winding through these gruesome and disturbing rooms will
        become a game of survival.
    --  Insanity Alley -- Unsettling sights and chilling characters lurk behind
        every turn in this outdoor maze filled with chaos and fear. Surrounded
        by uncertainty, it is every man, or freak, for himself.
    --  Holidead Express -- New in 2013! Demons have escaped the underworld,
        using holiday magic as their window into our world. They have taken on
        the persona of an iconic symbol who had brought joy to all and twisted
        him into an evil mockery, marking the beginning of an eternal holiday of
    --  Freakout Circus -- Will Rotten and his band of misfits return with three
        different shows each day that will make you squirm. Their hair-raising,
        spine-tingling feats include fire eating, sword swallowing, knife
        juggling and more.
    --  Scare Zones -- Throughout the night guests encounter bands of unsavory
        characters who have claimed an area of the park as their own. Travelers
        should take great caution when passing through these scare zones
        including Gnawlin's Hollow new for 2013, Sinister Clowns, Zombieville,
        Minions of the Scare-O-Jack and The Seven Deadly Sins.
    --  ScreamerSky -- New for 2013! During Fright Fest nights only, SkyScreamer
        will be going backward giving guests a frightful new twist on the view
        from 260 feet above the park.

Fright Fest takes place Saturday, September 28 through Sunday, October 27, beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Fridays and 12 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Closing times and Fright Fest product may vary by day and weather conditions. Guests purchasing a 2014 Season Pass can enjoy next season and attend this year’s Fright Fest too. When guests purchase and process four or more Season Passes by October 27, they will receive a free upgrade to a “Gold Season Pass” which includes Free season parking pass for each pass, early entry into the park and an additional “bring a friend” ticket. A Season Pass offers the best value with unlimited visits to the theme park and water park, a coupon book featuring special offers and admission to all Six Flags theme parks.

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Video with caption: “Six Flags St. Louis kicks off it’s 26th Annual Fright Fest with new haunted attractions and scarezones for fright seekers. Its Thrills by Day and Fright By Night, Saturday, September 28 through Sunday, October 27, including Friday’s in October. Fright Fest offers four haunted mazes, a creepy hayride, a terror train and numerous scare zones throughout the park. There is also plenty of activities for younger guests including Fright Fest shows and thrilling rides.” Video available at: http://origin-qps.onstreammedia.com/origin/multivu_archive/PRNA/ENR/FX-CG84135-20130923-1.mp4

Image with caption: “It’s Thrills by Day and Fright by Night as zombies and ghouls once again take over Six Flags St. Louis during Fright Fest. This annual Halloween celebration features haunted mazes, a creepy hayride, a possessed train ride, spooktacular shows and a variety of scare zones throughout the park. Daytime is filled with family fun, but the nighttime frights are sure to make you scream. Fright Fest takes place Saturday, September 28 through Sunday, October 27, including Friday’s in October.” Image available at: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20130923/CG84135-a

Image with caption: “Six Flags St. Louis once again presents Fright Fest featuring sinister clowns, freaky freaks and crazed zombies who have taken over the park. Fright seekers can scream the night away in our four haunted mazes, a frightful hayride, a terror train and numerous scare zones throughout the park. Refuge can be taken in one of the park’s many Fright Fest shows. It’s Thrills by Day and Fright By Night Saturday, September 28 through Sunday, October 27, including Fridays in October.” Image available at: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20130923/CG84135-b

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