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Government of Canada Supports New Passport for Life Youth Literacy Tool

September 24, 2013

BRAMPTON, ON, Sept. 24, 2013 /CNW/ – The Honourable Bal Gosal, Minister
of State (Sport), today announced funding to Physical and Health
Education Canada (PHE Canada) for its Passport for Life project and to
help develop other youth-oriented physical literacy reference tools.
This announcement was made at the official launch of the Passport for
Life, grades 3 to 6 program, at Treeline Public School, which is proud
to showcase the tool.

“The Passport for Life tool will bring a unique and innovative online
approach to teaching our children about physical literacy,” said
Minister of State Gosal. “Thanks to PHE Canada, our young generation
will have more tools to learn about basic sport and movement skills, so
they can be motivated and equipped to lead active, healthy lives. We
encourage teachers from across Canada to try out this great new online

“Every journey begins with a recognition of where you are and where you
want to go. The power of Passport for Life is that it gives students,
parents, and teachers a roadmap to understanding their development of
physical literacy skills,” said Chris Jones, Executive Director and CEO
of PHE Canada. “With this map in hand, children can continue a path
toward being active, happy, and healthy throughout their lives.”

Passport for Life is an online tool that supports the assessment,
development and advancement of physical literacy among students and
teachers. It is also intended to increase knowledge, awareness, and
understanding of physical literacy.

Physical and Health Education Canada is this country’s premier
professional organization for physical and health educators. It
supports schools in becoming “Health Promoting Schools” that include
the provision of quality daily physical education and foster healthy
school communities. PHE Canada assists schools through a range of
programs, resources, and initiatives.

The Government of Canada has provided funding of $152,700 in 2013-2014
to PHE Canada through Sport Canada’s Sport Support Program. This program aims to develop athletes and coaches at the highest
international levels, provide sound technically based sport programming
for all athletes, increase the number of Canadians from all segments of
society involved in sport, and advance our country’s interests and
values here and abroad.

For more information about this initiative, visit the Passport for Life website.

SOURCE Canadian Heritage

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