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Acatar Announces New Global Campus(TM) Platform

October 8, 2013

Courses Launched at Carnegie Mellon; Begins Pilot at Ivy League University; and Partners with University of Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Acatar today announced the launch of its Global Campus learning platform, integrating four online courses into Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) program, revolutionizing the way ECE conducts both residential and online learning. The online courses were developed using Acatar’s Course Translation Process. Each class was transformed into a comprehensive and interactive digital learning experience that delivers the full potential of online learning.

Acatar collaborated with ECE faculty to create technology-enhanced courses that are being delivered simultaneously to students on campus and around the world. These courses are personalized and tailored to each instructor’s needs. Moving beyond simply recreating the in-class experience for the online world, Acatar works with faculty to design rigorous, multi-dimensional courses, while providing students the flexibility to attend sessions regardless of where they are.

“Acatar’s mission is to work with great universities to create technology-enhanced courses that enrich the learning experience,” said Matt Cooper, CEO and co-founder of Acatar. “The Acatar team has decades of experience in educational technology, online instructional design, and most importantly, the science of teaching and learning. This combination of talents and a passion for education allowed us to rethink how online learning should be delivered and taught. Acatar doesn’t just take a course and make it available online. We partner with faculty to reshape the teaching and learning process based on needs of the instructors and students.”

By maximizing collaboration opportunities, Acatar enhances interaction between students and increases student/faculty engagement. All online activity can be tracked through the Global Campus platform, allowing faculty to gain new insights into student behavior and adjust the teaching approach.

“Faculty members using Acatar’s platform have expressed to me how positive their experience has been,” said Professor Ed Schlesinger, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Head at CMU. “The Acatar platform is allowing faculty to exploit flexibilities in time and geography that were not available to them before. In addition it is allowing the faculty members to teach more effectively and to ultimately produce better learning outcomes for the students. The platform provides the tools faculty members need to transform the classroom experience.”

This data-driven and scientific approach to online learning is leading other top institutions, such as the University of Pittsburgh and a leading Ivy League university, to embrace Acatar’s platform and technology.

Acatar is partnering with the University of Pittsburgh Institute for Clinical Research Education to provide Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) training and experiential learning to post-doctoral fellows and faculty from Research Centers in Minority Institutions from around the United States and Puerto Rico.

Acatar is also currently working with an Ivy League university to deliver a fall 2013 semester residential course in oral communications using Global Campus. The Global Campus platform will be used for course management and produce resources that faculty and students can use for flipped classroom delivery. This will increase flexibility and engagement for both the students and faculty.

About Acatar
Acatar is an educational excellence company that delivers a proprietary web-based learning environment, Global Campus, and pedagogical consultation to university partners seeking to extend the reach and capacity of their educational offerings. For more information, visit www.acatar.com.

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