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The American Athletic Conference Selects LiveU for First Digital Live Coverage of Cross Country and Soccer Championships, and 30 Regular-Season Women’s Basketball Games

November 11, 2013

Conference selects LiveU for end-to-end production of championships and regular-season games

HACKENSACK, N.J., Nov. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Commissioner Mike Aresco has announced that the American Athletic Conference (“The American”) has selected LiveU to power its new digital sports network in a package that includes live video production, transmission, and asset delivery. LiveU will be responsible for the production, uplink, and asset delivery of 38 games and events in the 2013-14 academic year.

The fall production package is highlighted by the conference’s first live coverage of its Cross Country Championship from Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, Conn., thanks to LiveU’s ability to easily transmit live video on the move. Men’s and Women’s Soccer Championship semifinals will also be produced. Additionally, championship coverage will continue in the winter and spring seasons with the swimming and diving, baseball, softball and indoor and outdoor track and field championships.

Additionally, the conference and LiveU will produce and distribute 30 regular-season conference women’s basketball games (schedule follows below).

All the live events will be free of charge and available for viewing online and on mobile devices.

“We are pleased to be able to provide unprecedented coverage of our Olympic sport championships and to enhance our women’s basketball distribution with this agreement,” said Aresco. “As we go through our first year as the American Athletic Conference, we are confident that LiveU will provide a sound, reliable and versatile live video platform that will allow our digital network to be a model in college athletics.”

LiveU is the leader in mobile uplink solutions and offers deep expertise in addressing the video needs of sports organizations. As part of the package, LiveU will offer guaranteed uplink of all games, regardless of the Internet infrastructure at the venue, through a combination of its cellular uplink backpacks, Xtender enhanced antennas for transmission in congested environments, and a cost-effective hybrid solution of cellular and KA-Band satellite. All the solutions will be managed and controlled via the LiveU Central browser-based management system on the cloud.

LiveU will also provide the complete suite of production services and equipment, including cameras, switching and editing equipment, and production staff.

Finally, LiveU will be responsible for delivering all the footage to three destinations simultaneously: The American’s official streaming platform; to the conference’s studio in Providence, R.I., for post-game highlights; and to XOS digital, which manages the digital asset vault for the new digital sports network.

Tim Prukop, Head of Sports and New Media, LiveU: “LiveU has developed a very strong team, product, and service offering tailored for the video needs of the college sports market, and we’re excited that The American has selected us. We have expanded our capabilities by offering an end to end solution including the production and asset delivery of live events, enabling sports organizations to seamlessly enhance the quality and accessibility of their live events.”

The American Athletic Conference and LiveU will announce talent assignments for women’s basketball and championships at a later date.

For more information on LiveU, visit www.liveu.tv

The American Athletic Conference Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Championships took place on Saturday, November 2 and are viewable on: www.TheAmerican.org/XC

The American Athletic Conference Women’s Soccer Championship semifinals took place on Friday, November 8 and are viewable on: www.TheAmerican.org/WSoccer

The American Athletic Conference Men’s Soccer Championship semifinals will take place on Friday, November 15 and be viewable on: www.TheAmerican.org/MSoccer

2013-14 Olympic Sports Championship Digital Network Schedule

    Date           Event
    ----           -----

    November 2     2013 Cross Country Championship

    November 8     Women's Soccer Championship (Semifinal Games)

    November 15    Men's Soccer Championship (Semifinal Games)

    February 19-22 Men's and Women's Swimming & Diving Championship

    March 1-2      Men's and Women's Indoor Track & Field Championship

    May 2-4        Men's and Women's Outdoor Track & Field Championship

    May 8-9        Softball Championship (Quarterfinals and Semifinals)

    May 18         Women's Rowing Championship

    May 21-24      Baseball Championship (All Games Except Final)

2013-14 Women’s Basketball Digital Network Schedule

    Date        Time (ET) Visitor       Home
    ----        --------  -------       ----

    December 28 3:00      UCF        at HOUSTON

    December 28 7:00      RUTGERS    at USF

    December 29 3:00      TEMPLE     at MEMPHIS

    January 4   2:00      UCF        at TEMPLE

    January 7   7:00      TEMPLE     at USF

    January 7   8:00      MEMPHIS    at SMU

    January 11  2:00      SMU        at RUTGERS

    January 11  4:00      MEMPHIS    at UCF

    January 14  12:00     SMU        at TEMPLE

    January 18  2:00      TEMPLE     at CINCINNATI

    January 18  7:00      USF        at UCF

    January 21  7:00      CINCINNATI at USF

    January 22  7:00      RUTGERS    at UCF

    January 25  2:00      RUTGERS    at TEMPLE

    January 25  3:00      SMU        at HOUSTON

    January 29  7:00      HOUSTON    at USF

    February 1  4:00      HOUSTON    at UCF

    February 4  7:30      CINCINNATI at RUTGERS

    February 5  8:00      USF        at MEMPHIS

    February 8  2:00      HOUSTON    at CINCINNATI

    February 11 7:00      SMU        at UCF

    February 12 7:00      MEMPHIS    at CINCINNATI

    February 15 3:00      HOUSTON    at SMU

    February 22 2:00      USF        at TEMPLE

    February 22 4:00      CINCINNATI at UCF

    February 26 7:30      TEMPLE     at RUTGERS

    March 1     3:00      MEMPHIS    at HOUSTON

    March 1     7:00      SMU        at USF

    March 3     7:30      USF        at RUTGERS

    March 3     8:00      CINCINNATI at MEMPHIS

Contact: Mark Hodgkin (mhodgkin@theamerican.org)
Shelley Kapitulik (shelley@trylonsmr.com), 203-898-1501; Lloyd Trufelman (lloyd@trylonsmr.com), 212-905-6060 for LiveU


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