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Get your Physio-spiritual Mojo on

November 21, 2013

DUBAI, UAE, November 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

TIMEZ5 launches the world’s first “Muslim physiology” workshop to help Muslims get
physically and spiritually fit.

The launch of the Muslim physiology workshop today sets the scene for Innovation at
work on the cusp of the Global Islamic Economy summit (GIES) in Dubai. GIES is initiated
by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision of putting Dubai at the center of the
global Islamic economy. TIMEZ5, Canadian creators of the world’s first physiological
prayer mat, are launching this workshop as a byproduct of their research in ergonomics,
biomechanics and physiology.

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Overarching findings show that prayer is a very fruitful exercise. However, modern
lifestyles and poor ergonomic environments have put excessive pressure on physical and
spiritual wellbeing.

Muslims are subject to unique conditions such as bending their knees frequently
between 130-160 degrees. These unique conditions aren’t commonly acknowledged or
addressed. Moreover, 52% of Muslims suffer from knee pain. Plus 78% of them have a chronic
knee problem which only 13% actively seek a remedy for.


From obesity, to depression many pursue an only physical or spiritual solution. The
workshop helps master the balance between the two inspiring Muslims to lead a healthier

By educating customers about the benefits of a healthy physio-spiritual lifestyle
Nader Sabry CEO said “we discovered the spark of inspiration was their imitate spiritual
aspirations that drives their physical devotion, not the other way around”. He added, “The
educational process alone behind the science of Muslim Physiology was enough to ignite
great interest among our customers”. “I am pleased that TIMEZ5 have chosen the UAE as a
launch destination for their Workshop. This is a concept that showcases Canada’s expertise
in the areas of medical technology and ergonomics” noted His Excellency Arif Lalani,
Canada’s Ambassador to the UAE.


TIMEZ5 customers had an exclusive glimpse into this experience and now the company is
reaching out to the wider Muslim communities across the world. The company is targeting
cooperates to improve workplace productivity, Halaka workshops for ladies only in private
settings and open-enrollment courses.

Beyond that; investment in research will continue to delivery impactful
physio-spiritual solutions. The TIMEZ5 team aspires to change lives by education through
technology and innovation.


TIMEZ5(TM) is the world’s first health and wellness Muslim lifestyle company
headquartered in Canada. Its flagship product is the world’s first physiological prayer
and meditation mat highly recommended by physiotherapists and used by patients with
neurological issues. TIMEZ5(TM) delivers a physio-spiritual experience, which combines
ancient medicine, leading technology and inspiring design.




SOURCE Timez5 Global Inc

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