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zeebox Invites Developers to TV of Tomorrow NYC Hackathon for Chance at $6,000 Prize

December 5, 2013


NEW YORK, Dec. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

     WHO:      zeebox, the award-winning second screen app for TV,
               [itvt], producer of the TV of Tomorrow Show (TVOT)
               conference series, and others are challenging hackers
               to envision the TV of Tomorrow by conceiving, designing
               and building TV/video apps and experiences, primarily-
               -though not exclusively--using technologies,
               platforms, content and knowledge contributed by the
               Hackathon sponsors.

     WHAT:     Participants are free to implement their visions of the
               TV of Tomorrow however they wish for a chance to win
               the grand prize of $6,000, sponsored by Comcast,
               NBCUniversal and zeebox. They will receive points for
               every participating company's technology that they
               employ and will be judged primarily on the originality,
               elegance and usefulness (viability, scalability,
               ability to monetize etc.) of the app or experience they

    WHEN:      December 10-11, 2013 ?(Tuesday - Wednesday), 12:00 PM -
               12:00 PM

               Hackathon finalists will be showcased and the winner
               announced December 11 at TVOT NYC 2013

    WHERE:    450 W. 31st Street in Manhattan

              Registration is on the 10th Floor

    REGISTER:  Registration for hackers to participate is free, but
               spaces are limited, so register here ASAP to reserve
               your place!

               Note: Please direct all media RSVPs and questions to
               Jamie Larson, jamie@intersectcom.com; 512.296.9611


    --  Platforms Being Used: Connected TV, Tablets, Smartphones, PCs, or Other
        Platforms You Choose!
    --  SDKs: Zeebox and others to be revealed.
    --  How the Hackathon will work: The TVOT NYC 2013 Hackathon will last 24
        hours, and food and drink will be provided. Representatives from the
        Hackathon sponsors will be on hand to share advice on using their
        platforms, API's and other technologies. In addition, you'll be able to
        participate in breakout sessions with other
        advanced-/interactive-/social-/multiplatform-TV experts/mentors who can
        provide you with guidance and inspiration. Once you have completed a
        prototype or real implementation of your project, you will be asked to
        pitch it to a panel of judges who will select the three finalist
        projects that will be showcased at TVOT NYC 2013. The winner, finalists
        and runners-up will also be featured in a special issue of the [itvt]
    --  What to Bring:
        --  Your laptop and cables.
        --  The hardware platform(s) you are developing for, such as tablets,
            smartphones, NFC chips, Google TV, Apple TV, Roku, etc.
        --  Cameras, microphones and any other equipment you think you will
            need, if you are planning to create original video content on-site
            for your app (however, video assets will be available if you would
            prefer to use them).
        --  Any software and apps you need in order to create your app or
            front-end design.
        --  If you are already planning out your app in advance of the
            Hackathon, any additional assets you need in order to implement it
            (video, audio, images, vector art, wireframes, mockups, etc.).
        --  Anything else you need for a marathon of creativity and innovation!

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