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GES Announces Enhancements to its Popular Online Tools, Expresso® and GES Connect(SM)

December 5, 2013

Expresso was recently voted easiest online tool, over the competition, in an independent research study

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Global Experience Specialists (GES), a leading global provider of exhibition, event, and entertainment experiences, announced enhancements to Expresso, its premier online management tool for exhibitors, and GES Connect, a fully integrated, online planning tool for event organizers. Expresso combines the art of a customized show experience with the science of exhibitor surveys and usage data. It is designed to offer everything exhibitors need in one place, on any device, accessed with one password. GES is continuously introducing new features based on the latest ecommerce trends– and most importantly, on what exhibitors say they want.

Key enhancements include:

    --  Event Sponsorship Opportunities - Exhibitors can browse and inquire
        about sponsorship opportunities specific to their event.
    --  Quotes for Custom Graphics and Logistics - Exhibitors can get a quote on
        custom graphics and logistics.
    --  Hotel Reservations - Exhibitors can book hotel rooms within the secured
        event block.
    --  Freight Notifications - Exhibitors can sign up to receive notifications
        on when their freight has arrived.
    --  Single Sign On - Exhibitors can manage all of their exhibiting needs by
        signing into one tool, using one password.

“We’ve designed Expresso to be quick and simple, like popular ecommerce websites, so our exhibitors have a hassle-free online experience,” said GES Vice President of Digital Product Development & Client Solutions, Steve Gebhart. “Users have voted Expresso the easiest, fastest online tool, ranking it higher than the competition in a recent independent research study, and we’re committed to continued enhancements based on the latest ecommerce trends and feedback from clients.”

Enhancements have also been made to GES Connect, a fully integrated, online planning tool for event organizers. Using a single sign on, GES Connect allows organizers to keep track of event details, putting the entire team on the same page for the duration of the project. Now with improved navigation, organizers can review and approve work orders, graphics and designs, transfer orders from one show to the next and set up customized sponsorship opportunities through the virtual venue tool. Since GES’ systems are integrated, sponsorship opportunities are automatically synched with Expresso, allowing organizers and exhibitors to maximize their sponsorship opportunities.

“With the new Expresso and GES Connect, we have two easy-to-use platforms, one for exhibitors and one for organizers,” continued Gebhart. “There’s no need to search through an assortment of tools or keep track of multiple passwords. Our clients will have all that they need in one place.”

Exhibitors and organizers can easily access Expresso and GES Connect on any device, whether in the office or at show site. The tools are available on ges.com or through direct links at ordering.ges.com and gesconnect.ges.com.


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