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Revealing The Woman’s Secret: A Novella with Lessons

December 17, 2013

LONDON, December 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Why is it some women have more magnetism than others? For years Alexandra Joy has
watched how some women can succeed in their chosen fields – whether art, music, sport,
business etc. – and also enjoy their romantic lives, despite not being particularly
clever, attractive or rich. They accomplish what they set out to do without much effort
while others struggle for years to achieve even a percentage of that success.

Looking at examples in history from the dominant and demanding Cleopatra to the
famously demure and giggly geishas of Japan, Alexandra concludes that women have a quality
distinct from men and that some women are aware of this and know how to use it to their

This special quality she refers to as “energy”. In her book The Woman’s Secret: A
Novella with Lessons, the principle character 25-year-old Alexandra, is taught how to
harness this ‘mysterious’ energy by an aunt who, simultaneously, passes on the secrets of
seduction and romance, sensuality, male/female relationships and how to achieve fulfilment
and happiness.

Using her aunt’s teachings the formerly unhappily single woman weaves her new-found
romantic life around her feelings for her aunt’s neighbour James and that of a new admirer
Patrick. The book contains simple meditations and yogic -type exercises on how to attain
these connections, and which every woman could do at home.

Although Alexandra is from London, the 40,000 word novella is set in the beautiful
countryside in the South of France, where the heroine moves to stay with her aunt for a
few months after abandoning her city job.

As part of the learning process, Aunt Jacqueline insists Alexandra and her friend from
New York embark on a week-long Kundalini yoga and Ayurvedic cruise, and which ends up
being a pivotal course for the women (the teachings of both subjects are gone into in
great detail in the book by the author who herself is a lifelong yoga devotee).

This is a fictional story with factual knowledge of the teachings of ancient
civilisations, which aims to empower women today by encouraging them to be independent,
ambitious and successful while retaining feminine charm, intelligence and a fulfilling
love life.

Alexandra says: “I’m hoping it will impress upon women how they can harness this
formerly mysterious energy and the ways in which they can benefit from it on a daily

The author is a 25-year-old finance analyst from London who has a first class degree
in Oriental Studies and has studied yoga for over eight years.

She adds: “I see too many unhappy women, who are frustrated by their current lives and
are unsure what they really want. My main character is searching to find inner balance and
her passion in life, and I hope this book will give women pointers on how to do this”.

This inspiring story is written in a jaunty and humorous style and is a feel-good read
with a wealth of knowledge presented in an interesting and easy form”.

Alexandra’s book is available now via http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FI9OENC

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