PUMA Launches evoPOWER at Interactive Football Event

January 20, 2014

BARCELONA, Spain, January 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

Cesc Fabregas, Mario Balotelli and Marco Reus Demonstrate Power and Accuracy

Achieved Through Revolutionary Boot Technology in Barcelona

PUMA kicked off its 2014 Nature of Believing campaign, with the launch of the
revolutionary new evoPOWER football boot at a live event in Barcelona last Friday. PUMA
Power players Cesc Fabregas, Marco Reus and Mario Balotelli put their football skills to
the test on the evoPOWER wall, the custom built football simulator that utilises Hawk Eye
technology to measure players’ power and accuracy. evoPOWER was inspired by the freedom of
movement of a bare foot – Fabregas, Reus and Balotelli showcased their skills and the
boots performance enhancing technology through four interactive challenges.

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An audience of media and competition winners from around the world joined PUMA in
Barcelona to test the new evoPOWER boot and see the live and interactive event. The launch
was co-hosted by football legend and PUMA player Thierry Henry, who guided the players’
through the challenges and offered valuable insight into the design inspiration and
product benefits.

evoPOWER is a new performance boot designed to enhance a player’s natural kicking
ability, and optimise a player’s power and accuracy when striking the ball. Inspired by
the power generated from the freedom of barefoot kicking, evoPOWER features the most
advanced PUMA footwear technologies to date in its football category, and will be worn on
pitch by Cesc Fabregas, Marco Reus, Mario Balotelli, Yaya Toure, Nemanja Vidic, Dante and
many others.

Cesc Fabregas said, “I really enjoyed the experience; it was a great product launch.
To unveil the new PUMA evoPOWER boot though a live demonstration and showcase the
technology and benefits that the boot brings to a player was an excellent idea. The
challenges were very competitive, seeing our power and accuracy score from each shot
really was an incentive to try and beat those other guys.”

Marco Reus added, “I first saw an early version of evoPOWER boot some months ago and
have been really impressed with the thinking behind its design. It was a fitting stage to
launch the boot, there was an electric atmosphere and everyone in the room was clearly
impressed by the evoPOWER wall and the technology of the boot. The challenges were
designed to really put us all to the test and having some of the competition winners join
us for the final breaking down the wall challenge was a nice touch. I always like to meet
football fans and an experience like this event was a great thing to be a part of.”

Mario Balotelli commented, “The launch was great fun with all the guys together.
Having only joined the PUMA family last month, it was a privilege to be able to take part
in the event and join Cesc and Marco in launching the new evoPOWER boot. There’s been a
lot of hype about this new boot over the last couple of weeks as we’ve been wearing a
camouflage test version on pitch and in training. We finally revealed the proper boot and
showed the world the impact the evoPOWER boot can have.”

Cesc Fabregas, Marco Reus, Mario Balotelli and Thierry Henry feature in an exciting
short film showcasing field tests conducted exploring the unbelievable power and accuracy
of evoPOWER. This and all other evoPOWER assets can be downloaded at


The evoPOWER boot and the full range of evoPOWER accessories and apparel launch
in-store on 1 February, 2014.

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