How Technologically Advanced Do You Have to be in Today’s Dating Scene?

February 5, 2014

Survey from It’s Just Lunch shows there’s a role for technology in dating, but good old-fashioned phone calls and uninterrupted time together still have their place

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — No matter their age, singles looking for love are turning to technology to enhance their dating life. However, despite using technology to do everything from kicking things off via text to researching their date online, a recent study by It’s Just Lunch, the premier dating service for busy professionals, found singles also temper their technology-driven search with some good old fashioned gut feelings and face time with one another.

Some highlights from the survey, which included over 18,000 singles ages 25 to 74:

    --  Exercise those thumbs, because you're going to be texting...at least in
        the beginning. After swapping numbers with someone they're attracted to,
        the majority of singles under the age of 55 said their first contact was
        likely to be via text. For 25-to-34 year-olds, a whopping 80 percent
        said they're more likely to text than call initially. However, once
        you're getting phone calls, you know they're serious. Nearly 65 percent
        of singles say they prefer to call someone they're interested in.
    --  Singles might spend a lot of time on Facebook, but it's not chatting
        with their latest love interest. Fifty-six percent of all respondents
        said they never use social media to interact with a love interest. When
        asked what social platform they use most often to engage with a
        significant other, the majority in every age group chose email over
        social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter- results that
        underscore the fact that intimacy flourishes from the protection of the
        public eye.
    --  A picture speaks a thousand words? Well apparently singles don't think
        so as over 66 percent of singles said they never use Skype in their
        relationships. 30% use Skype when they have been apart for a significant
        amount of time, though.
    --  Singles might want to spend a little time investigating themselves
        online so they're prepared when their date knows everything about them
        from their alma mater to what they had for dinner last night. Sixty-one
        percent of singles say they research someone they're dating, with 60
        percent of them hitting the web before the date. Don't panic just yet.
        Thirty-two percent say they wouldn't cancel the date over what they find
    --  Despite the belief that we're all permanently tethered to our devices
        these days, seventy-six percent of all singles surveyed said they have
        no issues with their partner when it comes to putting the phone away and
        spending some quality time together. That leaves 24% who can't seem to
    --  This might disappoint some, but 70 percent of singles say they've never
        texted a sexually suggestive photo to a love interest. 29% hit the send
        button every once in a while.
    --  The biggest differences between men and women? Sixty-eight percent of
        women said they research their dates, compared to 56 percent of the men.
        The ladies are more likely to be continuing that research by sneaking a
        peek at your texts too, gentlemen. Thirty-seven percent of the women
        said they'd looked at a love interest's text messages at least once
        before, while just 25 percent of the men admitted to snooping.

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It’s Just Lunch is a specialized dating service for professional singles. It’s Just Lunch’s dating specialists save singles from the frustration of having to search through seas of online profiles, or play endless e-mail tag. The company, which has arranged over two million first dates over the past 22 years, handles everything in a personalized and efficient manner – from selecting the matches to making all the arrangements for lunch, brunch or after-work drinks. It’s Just Lunch was founded in 1991 and has grown to service over 150 cities within the U.S. and internationally, and has many wonderful success stories. For more information, please visit www.itsjustlunch.com

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