Overwhelming Bi-Partisan Support For Constitutional Amendment Protecting Data Privacy

February 5, 2014

-New research from uSamp shows grave concern across party lines in US-

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — uSamp, a leader in providing targeted audiences for global consumer and business insights, today unveiled a new study regarding Americans’ views on data privacy and a new Constitutional Amendment to protect those rights. Overwhelmingly, Americans from every side of the political spectrum, whether they call themselves Liberals or Conservatives, Libertarians or Green-Party, are in strong agreement that they want their data and information to be protected.

“In addition to providing technology-based market research to major companies and research giants across different verticals including technology, retail, grocery and CPG, uSamp also surveys more than 250,000 Americans every day for their opinions on a host of issues to explore the differences in opinions among voters,” said Justin Wheeler, VP Product Innovation & Business Development, uSamp.


The findings of uSamp’s survey in the US are summarized below and can be found in this visual infographic.

    --  90 percent of Democrats express concern over the issue, compared to 94
        percent of Republicans and 93 percent of independents;
    --  63 percent of all respondents say these events will probably influence
        how they vote in future; (33 percent say it will probably influence how
        I vote in the future; 30 percent will definitely influence how I vote in
        the future);
    --  More than 80 percent of respondents (Conservatives AND Liberals) agree
        that they would probably support a Constitutional Amendment protecting
        data privacy with 46 percent absolutely supporting it and 36 percent
        probably supporting it;
    --  When asked to rank some of the general rights protected in the US
        Constitution, 'Right to Privacy' ranked behind the 'Right to Bear Arms'
        for Republicans.  Overall, Democrats, Independents and Republicans
        ranked 'Right to Privacy' third, after 'Freedom of Speech' and 'Freedom
        of Religion.'

It has been 22 years since any Constitutional Amendment has passed, the last having to do with a raise for Congress, and 43 years since the last “significant” Amendment was adopted, regarding the voting age. Since that time, many issues have been nominated for consideration but have not benefited from bi-partisan support. Now, uSamp’s research shows that for the first time in over 40 years, more than 80% of voters, both conservatives and liberals, agree on a major issue, and that’s data privacy.


In a separate poll, respondents in European countries (UK, Germany and France) and Russia weighed in on the data privacy controversy in the US.

    --  76 percent were aware of the issue, with Russia topping the list of
        awareness at 88 percent, with France lagging the pack at 59 percent.
    --  Germany has the highest percentage of people (58 percent) who have a
        somewhat or significantly worsened view of the US as a result.
    --  53 percent of the international community polled overall agreed that the
        US "encroached upon or violated my county's sovereignty."  Russia led
        the charge with 61 percent agreeing.
    --  71 percent of Russians support UN financial/trade sanctions against the
        US as a result.

A link to uSamp executive Justin Wheeler’s full blog on the results of the data privacy survey can be found here.

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