With 69 Wins in 2013, The CementBloc is the Most-Awarded Healthcare Agency in the United States

February 13, 2014

NEW YORK, Feb. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The CementBloc won a total of 69 major awards in 2013, cementing its status as the most-awarded healthcare agency in the United States.

The CementBloc pulled in 4 CLIO Healthcare Awards (including its first-ever Gold CLIO); 11 Global Awards; 8 IPA Best of Health Awards; 5 MM&M Awards; 3 PM360 Pharma Choice Awards; 2 Manny Awards; and 36 Rx Club Awards.

It was the best-ever showing in the agency’s 13 years, and a significantly higher total than any other U.S. agency specializing in health and wellness.

“One of the thrills of winning these awards is that they were spread across a variety of clients and stakeholders — consumer, HCP, print and digital, branded, and unbranded. It speaks to the breadth and depth of talent here at The Bloc,” said Elizabeth Elfenbein, Partner, Creative at The Bloc. “It’s also a testament to the entire teams, including the account and strategy teams, who get the client to believe in breakthrough creative and sell it in.”

Added fellow Partner, Creative Stephanie Berman, “Awards are wonderful not only in terms of industry recognition, but also because they help us attract — and retain — clients who appreciate great work and talent who are capable of creating it.”

The Bloc’s award-winning work was created for a variety of clients, in addition to projects generated for the agency:

    --  An integrated campaign for the ulcerative colitis treatment Giazo(®)
        that included print ads, in-office materials, a website, and an iPad
        detail. The campaign challenged doctors' conventional approach to
        treating ulcerative colitis by focusing on the male patients who are
        famously reluctant to face their condition
    --  "Fight for the Fighters," a film developed in collaboration with Celgene
        to inspire participants in the 26.2 With Donna Marathon Relay, a race
        that takes place every February in Florida to raise money for breast
        cancer. The film acknowledges not only the runners, but the people for
        whom they are running -- their mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, and
        friends living with breast cancer
    --  A multimedia campaign The Bloc created on behalf of Girls Right of Way
        (GROW), a nonprofit grassroots organization that helps at-risk girls
        realize their full potential. The Bloc built an umbrella identity to
        bring together GROW's various programs, which include shoe donation, HIV
        prevention, peer counseling workshops, reading centers, and a youth
    --  The Happy Fuel mobile app, part of a social network that promotes the
        heavily researched connection between happiness and healthiness. Happy
        Fuel lets users upload and share the photos, songs, places, sounds, and
        thoughts that make them happy, and gauge their own happiness in the
    --  Convergent Times, an online and print publication from The CementBloc
        that reflects today's health and wellness marketplace, where a brand
        must speak in one resounding voice to healthcare professionals, payers,
        consumers, and patients. It brings together many voices from diverse
        fields offering their thoughts on how brands can effectively get their
        message out and make an impact in today's healthcare advertising space

About The CementBloc: The CementBloc is a multichannel healthwellness communications company based in New York City. Founded in 2000 by Susan Miller Viray and Rico Viray, The CementBloc is also a founding member of Indigenus, the largest independent global network of entrepreneurial healthcare communication companies.




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Source: PR Newswire

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