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February 18, 2014

NOTTINGHAM, England, February 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

New fitness and health fads are always popping up, but some of the most effective
workouts have been around for years, centuries even. Take boxing for example, it is a
great all body workout and has stood the test of time. SportsDirect.com take a look at the
health benefits of the sport and what equipment is needed.

Boxing, dating back to Ancient Greek and Roman times, has come a long way over the
years and although essentially it incorporates the same components, it is a lot less
violent, there are more rules and there is a lot more protection on offer.

Modern day boxing is much more than a slugfest brawl and is more about discipline,
accuracy and stamina. Now, popular across many gyms, and even venturing into a popular
fitness class, Boxercise(R), the combat sport has numerous health and fitness benefits.

First of all, it is an aerobic exercise so will help with weight loss as well as
improving cardiovascular fitness levels which is essential for improving the heart and
lungs efficiency. Many people think that boxing is just throwing punches, but there is a
lot of technique involved, including attaining the right footwork to keep moving and have
the right stance when required.

As well as aiding weight loss, boxing is also a great sport for gaining muscle
strength, especially in the upper body, as well as increasing muscle tone and definition
in the arms, core and back, without using weights.

As Bupa.com have said, boxing does require ‘good hand-eye coordination to punch a
pad’, but this can be worked on throughout training. Through focussing on intense
movements in rapid stints, each in different directions, agility will also be increased
which is an important part of fitness and will enhance defence skills.

Protection is essential, and it is important to be well equipped with the correct
gear. SportsDirect.com have a broad range of boxing equipment and accessories that are
suited for beginners and training purposes, and have the latest lines from top boxing
brands such as Lonsdale and Everlast, including the Lonsdale XLite boxing gloves that
incorporate new cutting edge technology.

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