Author’s Book Triggered by Century Old WW1 Family Story

February 25, 2014

MANCHESTER, England, February 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

The idea for Lionel Ross’s seventh story, Adolphus, Book One of the Bergman Trilogy,
was triggered by a family story told to him by his father who died at the age of 99, just
ten years ago.

“My Dad often told me the tale of how a long-lost German cousin turned up at the
family home in Leeds in 1912. His older brothers (my uncles) were quite convinced he was a
German spy as he only went out at night.”

“This is my seventh novel,” Lionel (78) continued, “and starts in Manchester on the
other side of the Pennines. Adolphus, of course is the long-lost cousin but from that
beginning the story develops a life of its own.”

Adolphus is the first book of the trilogy and was written in response to readers’
requests to know more about the stories of his fictional families than one book could

The two main characters in Book One are Adolphus, a reserve officer in the Kaiser’s
army and his cousin Joseph who becomes a flyer in the Royal Flying Corp, later to become
the RAF. The tale develops through the outbreak of war in 1914 and on through the many
experiences of Manchester born Joseph and his Berlin born cousin in occupied Belgium.

“I write about people and their families in many different circumstances.” Lionel
explained. “I particularly love history so many of my books are set in a historical
setting but it is very important to me that my readers should always be able to identify
with my characters from whatever age.”

Adolphus (978-0-9574346-7-7) is available as a paperback from major book stores and
from Amazon and other internet book sellers@ GBP8.95 or $12.50 or in e-book version for
Amazon’s Kindle and Kobo

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