February 25, 2014

Looking For Love After 40?

New Dating Book Walks You Through a Marketing and Sales Jungle of Dating at a Certain Age

BOSTON, Feb. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Nancy Michaels and Neil Wood are happy to announce - no, it's not what you think - they've written Dating Success After 40 (Amazon, 2014) after more than a decade of combined dating experience after their respective divorces. Like millions of others who find themselves suddenly single after a separation and divorce at mid-life after marriage, they opted to get out there and attempt to meet a partner.

Dating Success After 40 is their answer to applying their individual work talents of marketing (Michaels) and sales (Wood) and applying it to the dating game.

According to statisticbrain.com there are more than 40 million people who have subscribed to online dating web sites alone. "Clearly, there's a huge market of people over 40 like myself and Neil, who are looking to meet someone and find a partner," states Michaels. "The competition can be tough out there and that's way we joined forces to offer our perspectives on marketing and sales and apply them to the world of on- and offline dating," states Wood.

"We wrote Dating Success After 40, to help save single people from making the mistakes we did and to attract and meet the best matches possible," he continued.

Dating Success After 40 tackles the ins and outs of dating, from understanding who you want to meet, creating a profile that captures the attention of your target market and the best photos to use for marketing. The book also covers safety precautions and creating an "exit" strategy on a first date.

Here are four tips from the dating book:

    --  Know exactly the type of person you want to meet. Do you want to be with
        someone who is energetic and has a positive attitude or do you prefer
        someone more reserved and a couch potato? What age do you prefer? What
        activities do you want them to be interested in? What characteristics
        turn you on and what are the deal breakers? Create your "dream" list of
        the 12 most important characteristics you are looking for and begin your
        search of the online dating sites.
    --  Create your own search based on all the characteristics you are looking
        for in that "match" of your dreams. Many online daters have created
        "searches" and have found profiles of hundreds of "matches" within 15
        miles of their home. That sure beats going to a bar, yoga class or
        church with a hope to meet someone you are attracted to! Online dating
        is the most effective and efficient way to meet others who share common
    --  Use current photos of yourself from the last 12 months, not 12 years
        ago. This is your chance to grab someone's attention very quickly. Have
        a friend take photos of you in a variety of locations and outfits. Look
        sharp! Just like a television or radio commercial, you only have seconds
        to get someone's attention.
    --  CSI research: Before you go on that first date, be smart and Google the
        stranger you are about to meet. LinkedIn and Facebook are also good
        resources to learn more about them. Most people are honest, but
        unfortunately, some are not. Be smart and be safe.

Michaels and Wood have taken their own advice and marketing and sales skills through this process and put it in a book for others to share and find true love as well.

According to a study released by Match.com on February 6(th), 2014, and reported by cnbc.com, meeting online is the number one way singles met their last first date (31%), ahead of meeting through a friend (25%). Singles are more than 3x more likely to have met their most recent first date online than through work (8%) or a bar/club (6%).

Nancy and Neil want to help singles find romance and love this year. Their videos on YouTube.com have been quite entertaining and are sure to add a smile!

For information, go to http://www.datingsuccessafter40.com

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SOURCE Nancy Michaels and Neil Wood