Entire Collection of WisdomScenes Inspiring Art Prints for Children is now available online

March 4, 2014

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 4, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — The WisdomScenes Collection I of inspiring art posters has just been made available as electronic downloads at www.WisdomScenes.com. This makes it very inexpensive, for teachers and parents to obtain these posters for their children and classrooms.

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WisdomScenes is a non-profit that commissions and distributes uplifting art for children of all ages, 0 to 100+ years old! Parents and teachers can use the posters to help instill uplifting attitudes and outlooks in children while they are still at an impressionable age. Sometimes talking with children about moral or inspirational topics can seem like lecturing. These posters provide an interesting, fun way to spark a meaningful conversation with a child or classroom.

The half-trillion dollar worldwide advertising industry attests to the effectiveness of how images and slogans can influence attitudes and behaviors. Children today are surrounded with mass commercialism all meant to create material desires. WisdomScenes posters, while a small effort, can help counterbalance this commercialism.

WisdomScenes Origin
The concept behind WisdomScenes is to choose an uplifting saying and then have an artist paint a scene that visually expresses the saying. This provides much more “inspirational impact” than just reading or hearing a saying.

The idea came while the founder, Eric Munro, was volunteering at Living Wisdom School in Palo Alto CA. “Hanging on the classroom walls were posters with wonderful sayings superimposed over beautiful nature scenes for backgrounds. While this was lovely, it seemed if the image expressed the saying visually, it would be much more memorable for the children.

To get started, I collected inspirational sayings that called for action with a positive outcome. Many sayings focus on the punishment of doing something wrong. It’s more motivational though to focus on the positive outcome of doing something right.”

The artists for this effort were carefully chosen. The works of over 2,000 different artists were reviewed. Much commonly accepted good art conveys an artist’s internal angst. This clearly, though, doesn’t help uplift viewers of art. The artists doing the WisdomScenes posters were chosen because their work expresses warmth of heart and vitality of spirit. This is what we want to share with children and all viewers.

Each artist was asked, as best they could, to access the divine spark inside them and then express it in their own unique way on canvas. They were given the list of inspiring phrases to choose from or they could suggest their own. It was important not to dictate what phrase an artist paints. For a painting to be truly inspiring, the artist needs to feel a connection with the message, and not just paint to earn a commission. Eric M. states “it was a joy working with the artists, they came up with very creative visual concepts for the sayings. At the start I thought the sayings should just be famous recognizable ones, but the artist Renee Dumont convinced me to use some of her sayings, like ‘We all want to belong, it’s more fun to include everyone.’ This came deeply from her own childhood experience and the beautiful warmth of her painting reflects it.”

While the artist Lon Eric Craven, a middle school art teacher, chose a saying he felt would help inspire his students to strive more: “Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

The walls of many kids bedrooms have images of comic superheroes, music superstars, and TV actors. Eric M.: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if in addition to the normal commercial posters hanging in children’s rooms, parents also hung up some fun, inspirational posters. Parents shouldn’t underestimate the impact of slogans or images, the multi-billion dollar advertising industry doesn’t.”

Currently WisdomScenes is seeking further funding to commission more art for children and expand the collection with different sayings and artistic styles. Please contact us if you or your foundation can help.

The founder, Eric Munro, is a retired high-tech executive, author of “Love Breathing, Experience Divine Joy with Every Breath You Breathe” and administrator of www.howtoLoveGod.org.

Media Contact: Eric Munro, WisdomScenes Inc., 650-400-5060, eric@wisdomscenes.com

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