Brain Rejuvenation Expert, Julie Renee Doering, Reveals How to Take Control of Your Body for Health, Clarity and Focus in Her Newest Books: The Comprehensive Mega Work, “Your Divine Human Blueprint”, Its Companion Introductory Book, “100% YOU Formula”

March 27, 2014

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., March 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Often referred to as “The Queen of Quantum Transformation,” Julie Renee Doering has successfully helped clients in the Pentagon, the United Nations, and private companies harness the regenerative powers of their bodies. And now Doering, THE Brain Rejuvenation Expert, Master Healer, Speaker, Author and Health Activator, shares these life-changing secrets with readers in two, new quantum healing books, “Your Divine Human Blueprint,” and “100% You Formula,” along with a unique Self-Assessment.

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    --  "Your Divine Human Blueprint: The Definitive Resource Guide to Altering
        DNA, Accessing Quantum Energy, and Regenerating Stem Cells for More
        Energy and Focus," is the latest groundbreaking work from Julie Renee
        Doering based on years of meticulous research. In this comprehensive
        546-page book, she provides easy-to-follow processes designed to help
        people literally transform their lives.
    --  Written as a companion book to "Your Divine Human Blueprint" is the easy
        reading in "The 100% You Formula: How to Achieve More Energy, Vitality,
        and Focus by Clearing Hidden Blocks to Your Unlimited Success with
        Quantum Energy" (published by Balboa Press).
    --  The 100% You Formula's Self-Assessment, a free learning tool which is
        available on her website at http://julierenee.com/ where there's also a
        wealth of information about her powerful brain-based method of
        regeneration, and her original and potent  "From the Inside Out"

About “Your Divine Human Blueprint”

With this new book, Julie Renee has earned the new title as “THE Brain Rejuvenation Expert.” She has successfully mentored hundreds of men and women who are already powerful leaders, but who are feeling exhausted and fuzzy brained. The unique road map she’s created in these books and her other programs, guides them to regenerate the brain, clear blocks, and become fully charged once again.

Julie Renee goes way beyond DNA to answer such questions as:

    --  What is The Divine Human Blueprint?
    --  How can we access our own blueprint and use it to achieve 100% health?
    --  What, exactly, is Quantum Energy?
    --  How can we access our own quantum field to supercharge health and
    --  How can we regenerate our brain?
    --  How can we reverse aging using stem cell rejuvenation?

Julie Renee states the energy she uses comes from the Quantum field, and that as mysterious as that may sound, she reassures all of her clients that it is readily and easily available and accessible.

“The major difference between energy work — be it Quantum, Reiki, Pranic or some other style — and the work I do, is that my clients and I use a technique called Cellular Quantum Mechanics.” Cellular Quantum Mechanics accesses the Divine Human Blueprint to restore 100% health to the Master Stem Cell. This process begins the journey to living a life without limits.

“Just imagine having peak performance brain health, your healthy brain working at 100% compared to folks around you who have brain function at 50% or less,” she says.

About “The 100% You Formula”

In “The 100% You Formula,” Doering decodes what she refers to as the human blueprint in an easy-to-understand manner by breaking it down to the acronym PEMER: perception, essence, matter, energy and realms. Doering also uncovers the role of quantum energy in the human body and how readers can utilize the quantum pump, shifting mind blocks to success. “You can regenerate and clear parts of your systems that have gone to lower function using the quantum field,” says Doering who discovered the human blueprint.

“Having survived the worst of human health conditions, including an atomic bomb test, multiple cancers, 17 surgeries, life in a wheel chair and unbearable pain, I discovered the human blueprint, how the body regenerates and returns to 100% health,” she said.

Editors can see the press kit at: http://www.julierenee.com/presskit/

Find out more on www.JulieRenee.com or call 877-477-5521.

About the Author, Julie Renee Doering:

Julie Renee Doering was given the 2010/11 National Association of Professional Women’s Woman of the Year Award and received Powerful Women International’s Global Leadership Award in 2012. She was also presented an honorary ordination by Ascepion Church for her spiritual presence, generosity, and wisdom. She’s been featured as an expert on many prominent radio & television shows, and her articles appeared in Spirit Seeker, Holistic Fashionista and Accomplish magazines.

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