Ecuador Launches Global Tourism Campaign: “All you need is Ecuador”

March 27, 2014

“Like nowhere else, all in one place and so close”

NEW YORK, March 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Nineteen cities around the world, seven of them located in Ecuador, will see giant 19-foot letters appear on April 1 at 9 a.m. ET in emblematic places. These letters, put together, will make up the phrase “ALL YOU NEED IS ECUADOR”, the slogan of an ambitious tourism campaign that highlights the unmatched supply of tourism attractions this South American country has to offer.

This initial stage of the campaign consists of a 10-day launch in Paris, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Bogota, New York, Santiago, Berlin, London, Lima, Mexico City, Amsterdam and Buenos Aires; while the Ecuadorian cities where these letters will appear are: Cuenca, Manta, Loja, Guayaquil, Tena, Santa Cruz and Quito.

Each letter will have a different design representing a product, artistic expression, activity or attraction of the country. These designs were selected by the Ministry of Tourism taking into consideration each city’s target audience. Each letter has a quick response (QR) code, a web address and a hashtag (#) inviting the audience to interact with this campaign and find out what the letters mean.

The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador acquired the rights of use of The Beatles’ original song “All you need is love” to be used in promotional pieces that will circulate around the world in 2014.

To publicize Ecuador’s tourism attractions, a large scale campaign was launched on February 28 using social network and digital platforms such as Twitter (https://twitter.com/AllYouNeedis__) Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/All-You-Need-Is/501495776629750) and the website (http://www.all-you-need-is.com/).The # AllYouNeedIs hashtag used in these platforms has become a global trend that managed to make an impact on 20 million people within a period of less than 15 days.

Escaping from routine, getting away from any concerns, discovering new places, letting yourself be astonished by new cultures, harmonizing with nature, having fun, living, loving, sharing, flying, jumping, laughing and building good memories; this is what Ecuador’s new tourism campaign promises for 2014, “Like nowhere else, all in one place and so close.”

In an area of 98.985 square miles (256.370 Km2), Ecuador has the highest active volcanoes in the world, the magical Galapagos Islands, an Amazon jungle with the greatest concentration of species by area, beaches with tall waves and white sand; in addition to great cultural diversity that brings four very different regions to life – the Pacific Coast, the Andes Mountains, the Amazon jungle, and an insular region that is a Natural World Heritage Site.

The tourism industry is the fourth largest source of income for the Ecuadorian economy as well as an important source of job creation that is growing at a rate of 20 percent each year. In 2013, the country received more than 1.3 million tourists and in 2014, Ecuador is expecting that number to rise to 1.5 million, making then the tourism industry third place in revenue generation for the country.

Campaign launch – countries and locations:

    Letter Country         City                      Location                Image
    ------ -------         ----                      --------                -----

    A      France          Paris                     Gare de Lyon            Toquilla straw
    ---    ------          -----                     ------------            --------------

    L      Spain           Madrid                    Atocha Railway Station  Masks
    ---    -----           ------                    ----------------------  -----

    L      Brazil          Sao Paulo                 Morumbi Shopping        Snow-capped mountain
    ---    ------          ---------                 ----------------        --------------------

    Y      Colombia        Bogota                    El Virrey Park          Baroque art
    ---    --------        ------                    --------------          -----------

    O      USA             New York                  Gasenvoort Plaza        Chocolate
    ---    ---             --------                  ----------------        ---------

    U      Chile           Santiago                  Boulevard Parque Arauco Indigenous textiles
    ---    -----           --------                  ----------------------- -------------------

    N      Germany         Berlin                    Sony Center             Scenic railway
    ---    -------         ------                    -----------             --------------

    E      England         London                    Victoria Station        Birdwatching
    ---    -------         ------                    ----------------        ------------

    E      Peru            Lima                      Salazar Park - Larcomar Extreme sports
    ---    ----            ----                      ----------------------- --------------

    D      Mexico          Mexico City               Paseo de la Reforma     Galapagos
    ---    ------          -----------               -------------------     ---------

    I      The Netherlands Amsterdam                 Schiphol Airport        Orchids
    ---    --------------- ---------                 ----------------        -------

    S      Argentina       Buenos Aires              Puerto Madero           Roses
    ---    ---------       ------------              -------------           -----

    E      Ecuador         Cuenca                    Otorongo Square         4 regions
    ---    -------         ------                    ---------------         ---------

    C      Manta           Murcielago Beach          4 regions
    ---    -----           ----------------          ---------

    U      Loja            San Sebastian Square      4 regions
    ---    ----            --------------------      ---------

    A      Guayaquil       Imax                      4 regions
    ---    ---------       ----                      ---------

    D      Tena            Misahualli                4 regions
    ---    ----            ----------                ---------

    O      Santa Cruz      Pier                      4 regions
    ---    ----------      ----                      ---------

    R      Quito           Naciones Unidas Boulevard 4 regions
    ---    -----           ------------------------- ---------

About The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador
The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador is the institution entrusted with the direction, regulation, control, planning, management, promotion and dissemination, in order to position Ecuador as a preferred touristic destination in view of its exceptional cultural, natural and living diversity within a responsible tourism as an activity leading to sustainable social and economic development.

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Jenny Hepworth
Porter Novelli

SOURCE The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador

Source: PR Newswire

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