Iran Opposition Leader Urges EU to Put Human Rights Front and Center in Dealing with Tehran

April 9, 2014

BRUSSELS, April 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi urged the international community and the EU
to put human rights front and center in their dealings with the Tehran regime.

Rajavi, who heads the opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran made the call
during a meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday.

Scores of senior members of the European Parliament from different political groups
including Alejo Vidal -Quadras, a Vice President of the Parliament, Struan Stevenson,
President of European Parliament Delegation for Relations with Iraq, and Michelle
Alliot-Marie, France’s former defense and foreign minister addressed the meeting.

The meeting in Brussels coincided with another round of nuclear talks between Iran and
P5+1 held in Vienna.

Rajavi cited the recent Tehran’s hysterical reaction to a European Parliament
resolution, expressing grave concern over the violation of human rights Iran as an
indication of the EP’s effectiveness.

“This reaction shows mullahs’ lack of capacity for change or moderation as it cannot
survive without hangings, torture, warmongering and terrorism in the region,” Rajavi said.

She underscored: “Human rights is the mullahs’ Achille heels. Tehran’s hysterical
reaction to European Parliament resolution censuring human rights abuses in Iran and
cancellation of the planned trip of the delegation of mullahs’ parliament to Europe, are
vivid indications of mullahs’ weakness and the myth of change in Iran.”

“The [Iranian] presidential elections were not held according to the democratic
standards valued by the EU,” the EP resolution underscored.

Tehran summoned the Greek Ambassador, the sitting of EU rotating president, and
cancelled a trip by a delegation of Iranian regime’s parliamentarians to Europe.

Rajavi criticized the policy of EU countries on Iran in the framework of “the policy
of appeasement” and driven by “economic interests.”

Members of European Parliament rejected the Rouhani’s moderate posturing and
criticized Western inaction regarding the growing number of executions and suppression in
Iran as well as the regime’s direct role in the bloodbaths in Syria and Iraq.

Stevenson said: “If the mullahs could have it their way, they would have hanged us
right in the Schumann area. They want to dictate to us what to say, what not say, what
resolution to pass, and what resolution not to pass. But I tell them: You are dead wrong.
You cannot export your rule of fear, intimidation and censorship to here. We, who have
been sent here by our people’s vote, decide what to say, who to listen to and who to
ignore. And that is why we have invited Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the
Iranian resistance to tell us about a different Iran; a democratic and free Iran. And I
would say to Mrs. Ashton: Is this the new moderate approach and face from Iran you wanted
us to believe? It is a farce. It is simply a farce that fools no one here, unless one
wants to be fooled.”

Rajavi pointed out that during the past two months, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had
actively formulated a policy against the Geneva agreement. “Western countries must insist
on shutting down nuclear sites and stopping uranium enrichment,” Rajavi underscored,
adding, “any concession or appeasement by the West will enable the mullahs to obtain the

The Iranian opposition leader warned that “Western governments must not sacrifice
human rights and freedom for the sake of negotiations and their relations with the
religious fascism ruling Iran.” She urged them to follow the EP’s April 3rd resolution
which said: “Human rights dialogue with Iran should be part of the future policy framework
of bilateral EU-Iran relations”.

Rajavi also warned of the threats facing 3,000 Iranian dissidents in Iraq, members of
the main Iranian opposition group, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI /MEK).

Noting that the Iranian regime in collusion with the “puppet” government of Iraq had
carried out a massacre at Camp Ashraf and launched missile attacks on Camp Liberty, Rajavi
said that Iraq had “also intensified the restriction on food and medicine in Liberty” and
was “paving the way for extradition of the PMOI members.” “The mullahs consider the PMOI
as an existential threat and therefore Camp Liberty is their prime target,” she stressed.

Mrs. Rajavi urged EP to compel the EU to use its leverage to free the seven Iranian
dissidents taken hostage in Iraq, resettle PMOI members in Europe and US, and ensure the
safety and security of the residents while still at Liberty by stationing UN observers at
Liberty on a permanent basis. She also called for the launching of an independent
investigation into the September 1 massacre at Ashraf.

SOURCE Iran News Update

Source: PR Newswire

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