May 7, 2014

Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine Selects Two Recipients in Two Categories for 2014 Brand of the Year Award

Winners include Teva's Coxapone, a specialty drug for the treatment of chronic disease, and Corcepts' KORLYM, an orphan drug for a rare condition

NEW YORK, May 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- PHARMACEUTICAL EXECUTIVE magazine's June cover story and the magazine's "iDigital Marketing Winning Brands," an interactive eBook available for free in the iTunes Store features the publication's eighth annual Brand of The Year awards.

This year, in an innovative move, the editors from Pharm Exec have decided to choose two recipients in two categories, which reflect a trend in the industry in general.

The winners include Teva's Copaxone, a specialty drug for the treatment of chronic disease (in this case MS), and Corcept's KORLYM, an orphan drug for Cushing Disease, a rare condition --the two most popular categories of biopharmaceutical R&D activity for one obvious reason--optimal return on investment.

Both drugs have relied heavily on digital marketing to push their message out to physicians and the patient community. It is appropriate therefore that the awards be presented to the CEOs of the winning drug companies (Teva and Corcept) at CBI's iPharma 2014 summit on May 8-9 In NYC.

CBI is Pharmaceutical Executive's event organization. It is also appropriate that the stories be highlighted in a Pharm Exec's digital, interactive e-book.

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EDITOR WILLIAM LOONEY ON PHARMACEUTICAL EXECUTIVE'S SELECTION OF The Brand Of The Year: "Pharm Exec's Brand of the Year award is itself a brand with staying power-- our first recipient was Merck's Gardasil papillomavirus vaccine, which eight years later is still going strong as one of the company's 10 top-selling products. This year's winner, Teva's Copaxone, also pins the needle on the long tail, at 17 years on the market with an equally durable safety profile against its nemesis, the elusive autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis. But lest we be accused of being safely predictable, this year Pharm Exec decided to focus, too, on clinical and marketing achievement for an orphan-status rare disease drug, calling out Bay area start-up Corcept Therapeutics' initiative in repurposing an old drug, mifepristone, for a new indication as the first treatment for Cushing's syndrome, a disabling metabolic disorder that is habitually under diagnosed. Corcept's KORLYM carries larger potential as the test launch for a new class of medicines to address how the "fight or flight" hormone, cortisol, works as a precursor to many chronic life-threatening conditions that affect millions of patients outside the rare disease space. It's literally a new way to think about disease.

CBI's iPharma 2014 -- the industry's leading marketing innovation summit -- is the most compelling life sciences meeting, uniting key stakeholders in the world of digital marketing, strategy, branding, innovation, sales, and IT to share the latest trends and real-world approaches to developing effective and innovative multi-channel campaigns. It takes place on May 8 and 9(th )


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