Indian Government Releases Stamp on Drukpa Lineage

May 15, 2014

NEW DELHI, May 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

Department of Post, Ministry of Communication and IT, Government of India today
celebrated Buddha Purnima with the release of a commemorative stamp on the Drukpa
Buddhists. The Drukpa Lineage, based in the Himalayas, is the most prominent Buddhist
lineage in India. The commemorative stamp celebrating the 999 years of Drukpa Lineage was
released by Shri SK Sinha, Member (HRD), Department of Post in the august presence of the
Gyalwang Drukpa, spiritual head of Drukpa Buddhists and Drukpa Thuksey Rinpoche, spiritual
regent of the lineage, at a glittering ceremony in Delhi.

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Present at the stamp release function were diplomats representing various countries,
ministers, followers of the Drukpa Lineage, monks and nuns, along with Arjun Pandey,
Director of Strategy and Planning of the lineage, as well as various other officials from
the Department of Post. Monks and Nuns performed chanting and prayers on the occasion of
Budh Poornima and for the welfare of all sentient beings.

The Gyalwang Drukpa, spiritual head of Drukpa Buddhists said, “Drukpa Buddhists are
overjoyed with the honour and recognition bestowed by the government. And the Department
could not have chosen a better platform than Buddha Purnima to showcase this honour and
support for the lineage. The Drukpa Lineage is predominant in the Himalayas, and we act as
a buffer between India and China, protecting the sensitive border region.”

Speaking during the release of the commemorative stamp, Arjun Pandey commented, “The
Drukpa Lineage has a rich and fascinating history. As they prepare for their millennium
celebration in 2016, the government recognition for their contribution to the country in
general and Buddhism in particular is noteworthy and much appreciated.”

About The Drukpa Lineage:

The Drukpa Buddhists follow the Mahayana Buddhist tradition in philosophy, i.e. the
philosophy of “getting enlightened for the benefit of others” and the methods are based on
the Tantrayana teachings passed down from the great Indian saint Naropa, born in 1016.
“Druk” means “Dragon” and it also refers to the sound of thunder. In 1206, the first
Gyalwang Drukpa, Naropa’s reincarnation, saw nine dragons fly up into the sky from the
ground of Namdruk, and he named his lineage “Drukpa” or “lineage of the Dragons” after
this auspicious event. Today, the Drukpa Lineage sprawls over major parts of the
Himalayas, especially in Ladakh, Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti in India, as well as Bhutan and
Nepal. Bhutan, also known as “Druk Yul” or “Land of Thunder Dragons”, honours the Drukpa
Lineage as its state religion. The lineage is also widely practiced in many countries
throughout the world, especially Vietnam, another nation deeply influenced by the legends
of “Dragons”. For more information on the lineage, please visit:


About The Gyalwang Drukpa

The Gyalwang Drukpa is the head of the thousand year old Drukpa Order, based in the
Himalayas and has millions of followers worldwide. His mission is to promote universal
harmony and inner peace by integrating the spiritual tenets of love and appreciation into
daily lives. His work includes promoting gender equality; establishing educational
institutions, medical clinics and meditation centres; and rebuilding heritage sites in the
Himalayas. He is the founder and spiritual director of the award-winning Druk White Lotus
School in Ladakh, India, which provides its students with a modern education while
preserving their local culture. In 2007, the Gyalwang Drukpa founded the not-for-profit
international humanitarian organization, Live to Love, which has Aamir Khan and Michelle
Yeoh as its global ambassadors. In September 2010, the United Nations honoured the
Gyalwang Drukpa with the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Award for his efforts to
“create compassion into action”. In September 2013, he was named the “Guardian of the
Himalayas” by Waterkeeper Alliance (an NGO founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.) for his
conservation efforts in the Himalayas.

For more details, please visit his official website: http://www.drukpa.org

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