The Future Of Work And Death: Futurist Gray Scott Talks Age Reversal, Immortality And The End of Work

June 5, 2014

NEW YORK, June 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Futurist Gray Scott talks about the future of automation and longevity in THE FUTURE OF WORK AND DEATH a new documentary feature film. Will we work, age or even die in the future?

The Unemployed Immortals Or Utopian Leisure Society - Imagine a future filled with unemployed immortals. It may sound science fiction, however, near future advancements in AI and robotics may allow us to automate almost every job and reverse our age. Are we heading into a utopian leisure society or, will automation wars erupt around the world as robots and advanced algorithms begin to replace workers? A new report from Oxford has found that the next 20 years will see 45% of America’s workforce replaced by computerized automation.

The Age of Age Reversal – Will near future medical advancements free us from the chains of natural death? Several recent scientific studies from Harvard and the University of New South Wales have produced startling, some might say, magical results. Age reversal in mice. Is this the beginning of the end of natural death?

Interviews for the documentary include – Aubrey De Grey – Biomedical Gerontologist, David Pearce – Philosopher, Gray Scott – Futurist, Dr Ian Pearson – Futurologist, Prof Murray Shanahan – Cognitive Roboticist, Will Self – Writer and Prof of Contemporary Thought, Ken Gemes – Philosopher, Michael Foley – Writer, Dr Peter Cochrane – Futurist & Entrepreneur, Prof Steve Fuller -Sociologist, Dr Stuart Armstrong – AI Researcher, Prof Jon Harris – Bioethicist and many more.

Directed by Sean Blacknell and Wayne Walsh
Co-Executive Producer and Futurist Advisor – Gray Scott

Gray Scott BIO: Gray Scott is a futurist and techno-philosopher. He is the founder of SeriousWonder.com, and a professional member of The World Future Society. Gray’s future forecasts have appeared in The Futurist Magazine, New York Post, Psychology Today, The Star, FOX5 News NY, San Francisco Magazine, H+ Magazine, IEET, London Futurists, and OracleTalk. Gray lives in NY and is currently also working as the futurist advisor for EMBERS, a forthcoming sci-fi film. www.grayscott.com www.seriouswonder.com

GRAY SCOTT | FUTURIST | TECHNO-PHILOSOPHER | Futurist, Technology Expert, Philosopher, Speaker

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