Flow Lending LLC Expands Its Lending Capabilities into Professional Sports and Hollywood Film Financing Arenas

June 12, 2014

NEW YORK, June 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Flow Lending LLC, a leading merchant cash advance business that does funding both in United States and Canada, now has the capacity to lend to Sports Agencies and their Players and to successful Hollywood Producers. A spokesperson for Flow Lending stated, “This puts us at another level. We now cater to the sports world and Hollywood for their financial needs.”

It is a known fact most professional athletes will become insolvent within two to three years after the end of their playing careers. Too often the needs of the few outnumber the needs of the many. Financial freedom is the birthright of every person. If you are an athlete or have an entire team roster who needs the right financing at the correct time, give Flow Lending a call. They cater each project for the unique individual that needs money at any particular time; be it someone that was just recently drafted for a particular team or a seasoned veteran that just wants to utilize some additional funds without giving up any rights on their idea. This is how things happen with the right contact that looks after your needs.

As a professional athlete you already know all the hard work it takes to achieve a level of true success. If the success is to be preserved, it is important to deal with the right players that can propel you to the next level and also help in maintaining that winning edge. You want to deal with the best in any industry to truly keep your focus on your goal. Achieve all that you want with Flow Lending, the only choice for the truly exceptional athlete.

Flow Lending – the golden standard for every Professional Athlete. Effective people know how to utilize money the right way. Get your efforts to pay off and become one of the success stories with Flow Lending – the Gold Standard in providing the right capital.

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