The Aspen Ideas Festival Announces Live Video for June 26

June 26, 2014

Barbara Bush, Margaret Hamburg, Tom Vilsack to Be Featured

ASPEN, Colo., June 26, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Aspen Ideas Festival, presented by the Aspen Institute and The Atlantic, continues today, June 26, with a spotlight on the future of health from many angles. The upcoming live video for June 26 is:

    --  9:00am MDT / 11:00am EDT - US Food Policy, Past and Present: Where Does
        the Future Lie?Two US Department of Agriculture Secretaries, one past,
        one present, come together to talk about American food policies.  Dan
        Glickman, Executive Director, Congressional Program, The Aspen
        Institute; Former Secretary, US Department of Agriculture Corby Kummer,
        Senior Editor, The Atlantic Tom Vilsack, US Secretary of Agriculture


    --  12:00pm MDT / 2:00pm EDT - Do We Get What We Pay For in American
        Healthcare?The recession, the Affordable Care Act, costly new
        pharmaceuticals, and attitudes towards cost-shifting have all changed
        how, and how much, we pay for getting well. Why do we spend more
        per-capita than other industrialized countries, yet often lead shorter
        lives? Kenneth L. Davis, President and CEO, Mount Sinai Health System
        William Frist, Chairman of the Executive Council, Cressey and Company;
        Former US Senate Majority Leader Uwe Reinhardt, James Madison Professor
        of Political Economy, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University Kevin
        Vigilante, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Booz Allen
        Hamilton http://youtu.be/nTiQgE6dNdg

    --  1:20pm MDT / 3:20pm EDT - Under 40 and Transforming Global Health These
        remarkable under-40s are moving and shaking the way we think about
        health as they transform lives around the world. James Arinaitwe, School
        Partnerships Manager, Educate! Barbara Bush, CEO and Co-Founder, Global
        Health Corps Rebecca Onie, Co-Founder and CEO, Health Leads Grant
        Verstandig, Founder and CEO, Rally Health,

    --  2:40pm MDT / 4:40pm EDT - Uppers and Downers: Where is the
        Pharmaceutical Industry Headed? With blockbuster drugs losing patent
        protection, returns on investment on research and development becoming
        harder to deliver, and health care systems focusing increasingly on
        managing costs, biopharmaceutical companies are facing unprecedented
        challenges to deliver in more productive ways and demonstrate value.
        Margaret A. Hamburg, Commissioner, US Food and Drug Administration
        Andrew Jack, Deputy Editor, Analysis, Financial Times Freda Lewis-Hall,
        Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Pfizer, Inc. Neeraj
        Mistry, Managing Director, Global Network for Neglected Tropical
        Diseases, Sabin Vaccine Institute Krishna Yeshwant, Physician; General
        Partner, Google Ventures http://youtu.be/02CgMxPA0-o

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