McGraw-Hill Education Raises the Ed-Tech Stakes at the 2014 ISTE Conference, Unveiling All-Digital Professional Development Platform for K-12 Teachers

June 28, 2014

Company also showcases adaptive learning and assessment solutions as well as its next-generation instructional management systems designed to better support connected learning experiences

ATLANTA, June 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — (ISTE booth #1532) – This week at the International Society of Technology in Education’s (ISTE) annual conference, McGraw-Hill Education will unveil the Professional Learning Environment, an all-digital solution that allows teachers to master their own professional development. Accessible via McGraw-Hill Education’s ConnectED learning management system, the Professional Learning Environment allows them to fit what they need to know into their already-packed schedules–quickly, and right from the start. The launch is part of McGraw-Hill Education’s larger presence at ISTE, where the company will also showcase its transformational adaptive learning and assessment platforms as well as its digital product portfolio, all of which are designed to empower education through connected learning experiences.

Teachers today are busier than ever, constantly striving for ways to balance instructional planning, classroom management and building their own knowledge and skills. To meet their need for relevant, practical professional development resources that are directly connected to the programs they use in class, McGraw-Hill Education has introduced the Professional Learning Environment, a 24/7 accessible online space that features carefully tailored, easy-to-use tools that support teachers’ instructional needs, and, by extension, the individual needs of students.

    --  "Quick Start" online courses that deliver weekly, video-based, moderated
        instruction to support program implementation for the first three-four
        weeks of use
    --  Interactive modules and media-rich instructional resources to enhance
        comprehensive program knowledge
    --  Discussion boards for teachers to collaborate and share experiences
        within communities and across districts
    --  Progress monitoring tools to track program-specific professional

“We strongly believe that teachers are at the center of all learning, and that their power to influence student success surpasses that of any learning tool,” said Peter Cohen, president of McGraw-Hill Education’s School Group. “The launch of our available-anytime Professional Learning Environment reaffirms our commitment to that belief, and, like every one of our digital offerings, aims to support teachers with the best tools possible as they work to prepare students for the future.”

Alongside the new Professional Learning Environment, McGraw-Hill Education will be showcasing a variety of other digital instruction and assessment solutions designed to facilitate connected learning experiences at ISTE conference booth #1532. These include:

    --  Engrade - An open, digital platform for K-12 education that unifies the
        data, curriculum and tools that teachers, schools leaders and
        administrators use every day by integrating all of a district's software
        and systems into one fully secure and easy-to-use cloud-based platform.
        Centralizing and managing the learning experience, Engrade's powerful
        single sign-on solution enhances district-wide communication, making it
        easier to plan and evaluate curricula, manage assessments and monitor
        student progress in real time.
    --  StudySync - An all-digital, unlimited access, cross-curricular platform
        for students in Grades 6-12 that was built in direct response to the
        Common Core State Standards. The platform brings together centuries of
        fiction and nonfiction texts with video and other multimedia elements to
        advance students' reading, writing and critical thinking skills.
    --  ALEKS - An adaptive, online math program that uses artificial
        intelligence and open-response questioning to identify precisely what
        each student knows and doesn't know. Through truly individualized
        learning and assessment, ALEKS delivers a personalized learning path on
        the exact topics each student is most ready to learn.
    --  LearnSmart - An adaptive study tool that personalizes learning by using
        algorithmic technology to continually assess students' knowledge and
        skill levels and design targeted study paths to help students improve in
        the areas where they need to the most. By allowing students to focus
        their study time on the topics and concepts that are most challenging to
        them, LearnSmart has been shown to help students study more efficiently,
        come to class prepared and earn better grades.
    --  Time To Know - A data-driven, differentiated teaching and learning
        platform that delivers a deeply personalized education experience for
        students. The platform integrates McGraw-Hill Education's Common
        Core-aligned content and services for math and English Language Arts for
        Grades 4-7 and empowers teachers with real-time feedback to inform
        instruction to enable success for each student's unique learning habits.
    --  Acuity - A K-12 interim assessment solution by McGraw-Hill Education
        CTB, goes beyond traditional, multiple-choice assessment by helping
        educators focus on concepts that more deeply measure student mastery of
        the new college and career readiness standards. Using Acuity's latest
        assessment content, including Performance Tasks and Technology-Enhanced
        item types, educators can quickly understand student strengths and
        weaknesses and implement an effective, personalized intervention plan
        for each student. Beginning in the 2014/2015 school year, Acuity will
        offer the College and Career Readiness (CCR) assessment solution for
        Grades 3-8, available in online fixed form, adaptive, paper/pencil or a
        combination of all three, that provides educators with easy-to-use
        diagnostic reports that measure students' understanding of each new
        standard and their overall readiness for college and a career.

At the McGraw-Hill Education ISTE booth, visitors will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities, including product demonstrations, workshops and presentations by a variety of experts. McGraw-Hill Education also invites ISTE attendees to join the company for Ed-Tech Karaoke at 7 p.m. ET on Monday, June 30 at The Tabernacle in Atlanta. The company will also be posting live throughout the conference (#ISTE14) through Twitter (@MHEducation) and Facebook (McGraw-Hill Education).

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