Switzerland, Winner of the Extreme Barcelona 2014!

July 1, 2014

SION, Switzerland, July 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

The RealFly team from Sion, Switzerland has won the 2-Way Dynamic Contest, a new
discipline of the Extreme Barcelona event considered to be paramount in the extreme sports

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The Extreme Barcelona 2014 is the international action sports cup, successor of the
famous X-Games. Building on its history, the improved format now includes 8 different
extreme sports and 15 different activities, such as skateboarding, BMX, freestyle
motocross or mountain bike. As for the Swiss, they have distinguished themselves in Indoor
Skydiving. The contest, which took place this past weekend in Spain, was broadcasted live
and gathered internationally renowned athletes from around the world.

The Swiss team from RealFly, the wind tunnel based in the heart of the Valais, came
out victorious in the 2-Way Dynamic, the new and innovative free-fall discipline. Athletes
perform in a glass tube in which air is propelled up to 300 Km/h (over 180 mph). Speed of
execution, precision and style are then evaluated throughout imposed routines and free
programs. This weekend, the RealFly team was up against the world’s best competitors but
brilliantly performed and brought the golden trophy home.

Josh O’Donoghue and Julien Guiho, respectively head instructor and professional
trainer at the new sports and leisure facility in Sion (Switzerland) which opened a few
months ago, have beaten well-established teams, known as leaders of the field such as the
Germans from Bottrop, the famous Babylon Freefly team as well as the Americans from
Paraclete who crossed the Atlantic for the occasion.

The Indoor Skydiving competition took place at the Windoor tunnel in Empuriabrava,
Spain – one of the few high-performance tunnels in Europe. Like the RealFly tunnel, it is
part of the latest-generation tunnels, able to welcome both the general public from ages 5
to 99 for their first free-fall experience, as well as top athletes. With the arrival of
increasingly versatile simulators, this new discipline attracts many professionals, while
still allowing accessibility to amateur thrill-seekers.

Interviewed after the victory, Vincent Van Laethem, manager of RealFly has confirmed
this success: “It is a huge pride for the Swiss skydiving community to have been able to
prove the high quality of our athletes, such a short time after the opening of our tunnel
in Sion. It is especially a success for our coaches and trainers who have dedicated a lot
of time and patience to the training and support of our two teammates. This victory will
bring recognition for the Valais tunnel, which is already becoming famous in the skydiving

Confident after this great success, Vincent Van Laethem already announced the upcoming
creation of the RealFly Academy, a club dedicated to individuals wanting to make the most
out of this activity and practice it as a recognized sport. The Academy will offer many
advantages such as exclusive monthly memberships with access to coaching. A Kids Club as
well as an official competition team are also on the agenda. The upcoming RealFly Academy
opening in close collaboration with SwissSkyDive is scheduled for September 2014.

        Information & Contact:
        RealFly Indoor Skydiving Sion
        Website: http://www.realfly.ch / Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RealFly.ch
        RealFly Academy: http://www.realflyacademy.ch / online subscriptions for more
        Extreme Barcelona 2014 : http://www.extremebarcelona.com/en/home





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