TransMedia Group To Produce Shark Tank Applicant Submission Videos

July 22, 2014

BOCA RATON, Fla., July 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — TransMedia Group said it was retained by HappyWares(TM) to produce videos to help business owners become contestants on popular television shows like Shark Tank, just as it did for their recent client that owns the Buckleby Child Car Seat Safety System.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hrw1ftF-S6g).

TransMedia (www.transmediagroup.com), working together with its video production arm, iDREAM Productions, Inc., will help business owners fulfill their dream of becoming Shark Tank Contestants by sending in a “Submission Video” instead of going to open casting calls as the ABC reality series now accepts videos.

“Many would-be contestants discover it’s not so simple to make a quality video that puts their best foot forward into a national spotlight,” said TransMedia CEO Tom Madden, a former high-ranking executive at ABC and NBC.

According to HappyWares CEO Craig Edelman (www.happywares.com), “we were so impressed with how TransMedia and iDream Productions produced a video for Buckleby System that we decided to retain them to do the same for other would-be Shark Tank contestants.

“The firm will produce scripts, direct and coach prospective business people to shine on camera, bridging a gap for many hopefuls to get a video professionally produced and edited for a shot at getting their business funded or even chosen for shows like Shark Tank,” said Edelman.

“What they did for Buckleby, they can do for others in producing an effective video submission as well as arranging eye-catching exposure on YouTube. Transmedia will make an entrepreneur’s dream of applying to Shark Tank a reality.”

“They are so professional and really knew what they were doing in offering a complete development and production service package starting at $7500 that we’ve retained them to do this for other would-be Shark Tank competitors, in effect, inventing another business for HappyWares,” said Edelman.

“We were retained after HappyWares realized there were so many aspiring entrepreneurs who have no clue how to put their Shark Tank Submission Videos together,” said Madden.

“They figured that for a reasonable fee we would pave the way for many more people to be able to apply to the show and fulfill their business dreams.”

“With over 35,000 entrepreneurs applying to be on the show every year and only 100 who will ultimately air, one needs as big of an advantage as possible,” said Madden.

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