American Cancer Society To Sponsor ‘Rifftime On Route 66 Music Festival’ Performances

July 24, 2014

BURLINGAME, Calif., July 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Rifftime, the prestigious digital showcase for musicians at all stages of their careers, is pleased to announce the American Cancer Society will sponsor a number of concerts to be held as part of the upcoming Rifftime On Route 66 Linear Music Festival. Along the historic Route 66 that runs from Chicago to Los Angeles, Festival musicians will perform free of charge for audiences that will include patients and their families.

Music has been purported to have unique healing powers for some thousands of years. In historic India, musicians were often considered healers, and frequently asked to perform certain pieces of music that were found to have a known healing effect on those who heard it. According to the American Cancer Society: “Music therapy is the use of music by health care professionals to promote healing and enhance quality of life for their patients. Music therapy may be used to encourage emotional expression, promote social interaction, relieve symptoms, and for other purposes. Music therapists may use active or passive methods with patients, depending on the individual patient’s needs and abilities.”

Events booked so far include several that will be part of the American Cancer Society Relay For Life, including Santa Fe, NM (July 25(th)-26(th)), Santa Monica CA (July 26(th)-27(th)), Albuquerque NM (August 1(st)-2(nd)), Chino CA (August 2(nd)-3(rd)), St Louis MO (August 2(nd)-5(th)), and Los Angeles CA (August 6(th)-7(th)). For details on specific times and locations, please see the full schedule of events at http://route66.rifftime.com/events/.

Route 66 represents a significant symbol in American history for travelers searching for hope and for those following a dream that may lead to a better future. In the time-honored spirit of Route 66, the Rifftime on Route 66 Linear Music Festival is both proud and honored to be associated with the American Cancer Society and shares its lasting commitment to bring hope and comfort in the fight against cancer through the power of music.

To follow the event and view live streams of the Rifftime On Route 66 concerts throughout its performance calendar, please checkout: route66.rifftime.com or #RifftimeOn66 or #RT66.

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SOURCE Rifftime; American Cancer Society

Source: PR Newswire

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