Bacardí® Creates Graphic Novel That Brings its Cuban Heritage to Life

August 6, 2014

HAMILTON, Bermuda, August 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

        - BACARDI has released The Spirit of BACARDI - a graphic novel that tells
          the stories behind the Bacardi family and Company origins in Cuba
        - Created by legendary graphic novel talent; a unique collaboration between
          writer Warren Ellis and artist Michael Allred
        - Drops of BACARDI rum added to the inks used to illustrate the novel
        - Available to download now from BACARDI.COM/SPIRITOFBACARDI
          [http://www.bacardi.com/spiritofbacardi ]

For more than 150 years, BACARDI has been a brand with incredible stories to tell.
Since 1862, the Bacardi family has faced earthquakes, fire, revolution, prohibition, and
exile, none of which could tame their irrepressible spirit.

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To bring these stories to life, BACARDI has collaborated with two of the most iconic
names in the world of graphic novels – writer Warren Ellis and artist Michael Allred – to
create The Spirit of BACARDI, a graphic novel that tells the stories behind the iconic
brand and its origins in Cuba.

The Spirit of BACARDI focuses on Emilio Bacardi – son of founder Don Facundo Bacardi
Masso – and his tireless work for Cuban independence in the late 1800s. Emilio Bacardi was
repeatedly imprisoned and exiled for his belief in an independent Cuba, but persevered,
eventually becoming the first freely-elected Mayor of Santiago de Cuba.

The graphic novel also touches upon early challenges the Bacardi family faced and
overcame – including an earthquake that destroyed their city and a fire that ravaged their
distillery – and ends with the creation of the original Cuba Libre cocktail in 1900.

The bold attitude of BACARDI even extends to the way in which the graphic novel was
created. Drops of BACARDI Gold rum were added to the inks artist Michael Allred used to
illustrate The Spirit of BACARDI.

“Working on this project gave me the chance to bring to life a time and a place I’ve
never worked with before – Cuba in the late nineteenth century,” said Allred. “I loved the
idea of adding BACARDI rum to the ink to make it a real part of the graphic novel’s DNA.
It’s something I have never done before and makes the artwork unique.”

Ellis said, “Storytelling requires great characters, and in Emilio Bacardi we have
exactly that. Emilio was a patriot, passionate about his homeland of Cuba. My focus was to
bring his drive and determination to life.”

Andy Gibson, Chief Marketing Officer of Bacardi, said, “We see The Spirit of BACARDI
as a fantastic way to tell the stories behind “BACARDI Untameable Since 1862,” our new
global marketing campaign that inspires consumers to pursue their passions no matter
what-much like the Bacardi family did-encouraging camaraderie and strength of character.”

“Authenticity is increasingly important to our consumers, especially millennials.
While first and foremost we want the graphic novel to be entertaining, we are also saying
something important about our brand; that we have the heritage to back up our attitude,”
added Gibson.

To download The Spirit of BACARDI and for more information on “BACARDI Untameable
Since 1862,” BACARDI rum and cocktail recipes, visit BACARDI.COM
[http://www.bacardi.com/spiritofbacardi ].

Watch the film here [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA8ZEKM_0iQ&feature=youtu.be ]

About Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis is an award winning English writer of graphic novels and film. Most
recently, Ellis has written The Spirit of BACARDI – a graphic novel that tells the stories
behind BACARDI rum and its origins in Cuba. Prior to The Spirit of Bacardi, Ellis wrote
RED and RED 2 which were both adapted into movies starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and
Morgan Freeman. Before the RED series, Ellis started British magazine Deadline, worked for
Marvel on Hellstorm and then went on to write for DC where he wrote Gen, Transmetropolitan
and Planetary. Ellis has also written for Vice, Wired UK and Reuters on technological and
cultural matters. Warren has been called “one of the most high-profile comic book writers
of the past two decades”.

About Michael Allred

Michael Allred is an American artist and writer. Most recently, Allred has been
central in the creation of The Spirit of BACARDI – a graphic novel that tells the stories
behind BACARDI rum and its origins in Cuba. Allred is most famous for his creation,
Madman, a superhero that appears in graphic novels published by Image. He has also
illustrated numerous characters across Marvel and DC – two of the largest graphic novel
publishers. Michael’s work is renowned

for its retro 1950s pop art style and he has been nominated for multiple awards
including the Harvey’s, the Eisners and the Eagles. Michael lives near Portland with his
wife Laura who frequently works as his colorist.

About BACARDI Rum – The World’s Most Awarded Rum

In 1862, in the city of Santiago de Cuba, founder Don Facundo Bacardi Masso
revolutionized the spirits industry when he created a light-bodied rum with a particularly
smooth taste – BACARDI. The unique taste of BACARDI rum inspired cocktail pioneers to
invent some of the world’s most famous recipes including the BACARDI Mojito, the BACARDI
Daiquiri, the BACARDI Cuba Libre, the BACARDI Pina Colada and the BACARDI Presidente.
BACARDI rum is the world’s most awarded spirit, with more than 550 awards for quality,
taste and innovation. Today, BACARDI rum is made in Puerto Rico and Mexico where it is
crafted to ensure the taste remains the same today as it did when it was first blended in
1862. http://www.bacardi.com

The BACARDI(R) brand is part of the portfolio of Bacardi Limited, headquartered in
Hamilton, Bermuda. Bacardi Limited refers to the Bacardi group of companies, including
Bacardi International Limited.


When referring to the brand or product, it is written as ‘BACARDI’. When referring to
the company or founding family, it is written as ‘Bacardi’. When referring to the
corporate entity, it is written as ‘Bacardi’.




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