Gasm.org celebrates International Female Orgasm Day

August 8, 2014

Web’s leading human sexuality site releases “Orgasm in Bloom” video to spark discussion of female pleasure

NEW YORK, Aug. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Oh, yes, yes, yes! The world is celebrating International Female Orgasm Day this Friday.

International Female Orgasm Day — yes, it’s a real holiday — will be held on Aug. 8. It was started by a local politician in northeastern Brazil in a tribute to his wife. It is celebrated annually in Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Norway, among other places.

At Gasm.org — the web’s leading site for honest, informed discussion about pleasure and human sexuality — International Female Orgasm Day is a chance to have a little fun while talking about a serious topic.

“Female Orgasm Day is important because it’s harder to know when a woman has had an orgasm. Even women can’t always tell if they have or they haven’t. It’s important as a day to be able to talk about a topic that otherwise we may not talk about,” said Jamye Waxman, an author and human sexuality expert who serves as Gasm.org‘s Chief Gasm Officer.

In honor of the “Big O” holiday, Gasm.org is releasing a new video titled “Orgasm in Bloom” (http://gasm.org/article/orgasm-in-bloom-female-orgasm-day). The 4-minute clip, modeled on a silent film, takes a fun look at Vulvita’s quest to achieve an orgasm. It was created by Waxman and Krissy Eliot, Creative Director of Gasm.org.

Though humorous, the video is rare look at female pleasure in an era when mainstream Hollywood has a difficult time depicting female orgasms on screen without getting an X rating.

“The ‘Orgasm in Bloom’ video aims to inspire women to stop waiting for the oppressive American culture to give them their orgasm; it urges them to go out and find orgasm themselves,” Eliot said. “Once women experience true sexual pleasure, hopefully they’ll find a lover who also wants to go against the grain of the anti-female-orgasm culture.”

Waxman and Eliot hope International Female Orgasm Day and their video will spark a discussion on Gasm.org and beyond.

“By removing the face of the female, and by replacing it with the object most associated with female orgasm, we wanted to lighten up a hard to talk about subject,” Waxman said. “We wanted to show that in the end, it may be a vibrator or a thought or a companion that gives you the most pleasure. And whatever it is, there is a lot of fun in the quest to get there.”


Jamye Waxman and Krissy Eliot are available for interviews focused on International Female Orgasm Day, their “Orgasm in Bloom” video, Gasm.org and other human sexuality topics. To schedule an interview, contact Gasm.org’s founder, Roger McNulty, at roger@gasm.org.

Media are welcome to link to and embed the “Orgasm in Bloom” video, available at the link referenced above.


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