U.S. Energy Department Public Access Plan is being highly supported by the Macrothink Institute

August 28, 2014

With The Advent Of The Public Access Plan, The US Energy Department Will Now Make Their Scientific Research Journals Available For Free Public Use

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Macrothink Institute and the Department Public Access Plan

Macrothink Institute is an organization that is completely private and dedicated to scientific publication and research. The institute publishes scholarly journals online that are easily accessible to all of the readers. It is not like any other academic publisher. Its administrative system is minimized and the institute has been working with great scholars from around the globe. This makes Macrothink highly powered by a wide variety of research areas and cultures. The fact that the institute is open sources gives a perfect opportunity for the promotion and development of research and science. Anyone can download the journals available at Macrothink Institute without any need of subscription or payment.

The Department of Energy Public Access Plan has made it a point to make sure that all the peer reviewed scientific based publications along with the digital data from the federally funded research investments are freely available for the public so that anyone who wants that information can easily access it. The DOE Public Access Gateway for Energy and Science is one such web based portal contributing to the Public Access Plan of the Department of Energy. This portal will make all of the scholarly scientific publications available for the general public with no charge to the readers.

Introduce The Plan Match Macrothink Institute’s Open Access Policy

With the Public Access Plan in place, the Department of Energy will be running along the same lines as that of the Macrothink Institute when it comes to the research journals being available to the general public free of charge. The plan has made sure that the web based portal tilted the DOE Public Access Gateway for Energy and Science will make the scholarly scientific publications available to the readers completely free of charge.

The Macrothink Institute itself publishes scientific research journals online that are open access and therefore accessible to everyone who wants them. With such an approach, there is no doubt that information and data sharing will become more widespread, and the fields of science, education, and culture will excessively play a role in concrete research. The researchers will also find this highly valuable, for free journals are crucial for an elaborate and a fulfilling study.

Macrothink Institute is a comparatively new scholarly publisher that will become a significant contributor to the development of scientific data in the near future. Online journals are slowly paving the way through the digital world, for they are far more efficient, less costly, and highly environmentally friendly as compared to the traditional paper journals. They also have a strong sense of responsibility towards these scientific journals and understand that the whole process requires a little bit of a serious and committed attitude. This makes them a highly serious and rigorous publisher.

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