October 30, 2007

Dr. Ruth ‘America’s Favorite Sex Therapist’ Joins Retirement Living TV on Daily Cafe

COLUMBIA, Md., Oct. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the New England Journal of Medicine, 73% of adults aged 57 to 64 are sexually active. This doesn't surprise Retirement Living TV, the first cable network dedicated to people age 55+. That's why the network announced today that Dr. Ruth Westheimer will join their impressive stable of talent as the resident "sex therapist" and an on-air expert for Daily Cafe.

"Seniors know the fulfillment that can come from intimate relations better than any other age group. They have been sexually active longer," said Elliot Jacobson, vice president of programming for Retirement Living.

"As we grow older, we tend not to talk about our needs and wants," said Westheimer. "I am eager to reach Retirement Living TV's viewers and help them to become more informed about having better and safer sex."

On Daily Cafe, Dr. Ruth will take live calls, answer emails and interact with the audience to explore issues as diverse as sexually transmitted diseases, which is one of the fastest growing health threats among seniors, to how women can initiate sex. She also offers advice on a variety of issues like the best times to have sex (testosterone levels are higher in the morning in older men, so it may be better to have sex earlier in the day)and even offers tips on how to get partners in the mood. No topic is too risque, and Dr. Ruth addresses each question with her signature zeal, honesty and class.

"Dr. Ruth is unique; she brings with her a large and diverse base of loyal fans and viewers, as well as valuable and accurate information, to our network. She reflects our commitment to providing entertaining, informative and provocative programming to those over 55," said Jacobson. "Dr. Ruth is America's first and foremost sex therapist and is part of our culture. Daily Cafe offers the ideal platform for her to address our viewers in matters of the heart, mind and body."

The Monday to Friday, live two-hour Daily Cafe offers news, interviews and stories that cover the topics that Retirement Living TV's audience cares about most deeply -- politics, personal relationships, health, home repair, gardening, personal finance and others. Co-hosted by former CNN anchors Mary Alice Williams and Felicia Taylor, Daily Cafe features live news updates every half-hour from NBC News. The interactive program is highlighted by real time viewer participation via phone, e-mail or instant messaging throughout each day's telecast.

In addition to Westheimer, Retirement Living TV has signed multiple high- profile celebrities and journalists for its programming that reflect the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S., including Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch), John Palmer (NBC's Nightly News and Today Show), Gary Collins (daytime Emmy award-winning host),and Lea Thompson (NBC's Dateline).

About Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Dr. Ruth Westheimer is a psychosexual therapist who helped to pioneer the field of media psychology with her radio program, "Sexually Speaking." What began in 1980 as a 15 minute, taped show that aired after midnight soon became part of a larger enterprise, which has included television, newspapers, games, home video, and computer software. In addition, Westheimer has authored 31 books, including Sex After 50.

Currently Westheimer is an adjunct professor at N.Y.U., an Associate Fellow of Calhoun College at Yale University, and a Fellow of Butler College at Princeton University. She is a fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine and in addition to having her own private practice, she frequently lectures at universities across the country and has twice been named "College Lecturer of the Year."

Born in Germany, Westheimer immigrated to the U.S. in 1956 and earned her master's degree in sociology from the Graduate Faculty of the New School of Social Research. In 1970, she received a Ph.D. in the Interdisciplinary Study of the Family from Columbia University Teacher's College.

About Retirement Living TV

Retirement Living TV, a network dedicated to informing, involving, and inspiring people aged 55+, was launched in September 2006 with programming that covers health, lifestyle, finance, and politics. Retirement Living TV is closely affiliated with Erickson Retirement Communities, the National Institutes of Health, the Erickson School of Aging Studies at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) and leading gerontologists across the country. The network is committed to changing the perception on aging and strives to develop innovative and entertaining television for a mature viewing audience. Viewers can see network programming on DirecTV Channel 364, Comcast CN8 and Comcast Entertainment Television Channel 5 or by logging onto WWW.RL.TV

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