June 14, 2008

Nepal Maoists for Fresh Media Model – Leader

Text of report by Nepalese eKantipur.com website on 14 June

Kathmandu, 14 June [Saturday]: Senior Maoist leader Mohan Baidya on Friday said the Maoist party is against both the current "liberal" model of media as well as the communist model, and wants to develop a third model - probably a mixed version of communist and democratic models.

Baidya, who is also in charge of Maoist Central Department of Publicity and Broadcast, hinted that the Maoists' soon-to-be-formed government would develop the third model because of failure of the present model to serve people's interest.

However, he did not elaborate how that model would define the media sector and how much freedom the country's media would enjoy in future. He clearly hinted that liberal and monopolistic media would not be entertained.

Speaking at an interaction organized by Radio Nepal, Baidya said the present media under parliamentary system are becoming monopolistic, and inclining toward "liberalism" at a time when voices for "freedom" have been raised.

"Media cannot be absolute and cannot remain aloof from the classes in society," he said. "The people, government and media always need to have a triangular relationship."

He said the future coalition government, however, would not bring about radical change in the media sector.

Baidya said that the government would not totally ignore the government-aided media but improve their condition through correction of prevailing weaknesses.

Originally published by eKantipur.com website, Kathmandu, in English 14 Jun 08.

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