June 18, 2008

Ramsay’s Cooking With Gas As He Dishes Up Another Hit

When Gordon Ramsay first appeared on television in 1998's Boiling Point, it was obvious there was more to him than his culinary skills.

The man was obsessed with perfection and wouldn't rest until he had more Michelin stars than anyone else.

Many thought he would go on to bigger and better things but, a decade later, his media domination is remarkable.

It is Gordon's unrelenting drive for excellence and, admittedly, no-holds-barred expletive-ridden diatribes, that undoubtedly draw in the viewing figures for his TV appearances.

While many celebrity chefs are intent on creating seemingly over- extravagant dishes to demonstrate their artistic skills, no one can deny that Ramsay's interests lie elsewhere. His cooking sketches often look more like something from a James Bond movie than a food show, as he risks life and limb to bring home the bacon - and other ingredients.

With a dynamic game plan, he's ensured the latest run of The F Word has been tastier than a plate full of profiteroles.

This week, in an attempt to prove healthy food can satisfy a large appetite, the outspoken chef shows John Prescott how to cook fish cakes with anchovy dressing.

Meanwhile, Tom Parker Bowles packs his bags and attempts to find a fascinating food delicacy in Sardinia and The X Factor's Dannii Minogue adds glamour to the proceedings as she takes on Gordon in the recipe challenge with her vegetarian risotto.

If that's not enough to tickle your palate, don't miss the segment where Gordon hunts wild hogs with members of the US Army.

With 12 Michelin stars to his name, as well an OBE and two best- selling autobiographies, it's anyone's guess whether Gordon Ramsay will opt for an early retirement.

However, given the start he's made to this series, don't expect him to go off the boil just yet.

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