June 19, 2008

Learn As You Sing This Summer With ‘Edu-Tunes’

HONOLULU, June 19, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Summer's here. What will you be doing to prepare your child for the coming school year? Will you be practicing the ABC song, perhaps?

Jennifer Fixman, a teacher in Hawaii, decided that educational tunes should not be limited to the ABC's. She has written over 200 songs through her company, Edutunes.com, Inc. Her newest program, "Early Phonics," teaches preschool through first grade children, along with special needs children of all ages, how to begin reading.

"It's a simple program that any teacher or parent can begin using immediately," says Fixman.

Jennifer, also known as "Miss Jenny" by thousands of children across the country, began writing songs for her students eleven years ago in California. Teachers from her school wanted to use the songs and encouraged her to produce them professionally. She developed her materials during a pilot study of 80 teachers and 1600 children in South Bay Union School District. She has since spoken to teachers across the U.S. about using music in the classroom through the Bureau of Education and Research, the Institute of Educational Development, and Staff Development for Educators. She has sold over 20,000 programs in the last eight years.

"Miss Jenny" has studied the work of Howard Gardner, Harvard Professor and developer of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. According to Gardner, the first intelligence to develop in young minds is musical intelligence. Literary intelligence comes later. "This means that children are ready to focus on songs well before they're ready to read," says Fixman. "They memorize the songs, and the songs become part of their lives. If songs focus on reading skills, children can become faster, better readers at an earlier age. Through music, children learn more, they remember what they learn, and they love learning."

"Miss Jenny's" Early Phonics program teaches the three aspects of reading: phonics, sight words, and comprehension, through 29 songs. Karaoke versions at the end of the 70-minute CD allow children to sing independently. The 80-page book includes lyrics to all songs, a pre and post-test, teaching ideas, 10 mini-books, and 10 weeks of lessons that correlate with the music.

Early Phonics sells for $19.99. It is available through Jennifer's website, www.edutunes.com, or you may call Miss Jenny directly at (808) 728-8863.

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