June 24, 2008

FOX Taps Passenger to Launch Viewer Community

Passenger today announced it has partnered with The Fox Broadcasting Company to help launch an online community for viewers of FOX programs to drive improved communications and viewer collaboration on programming and marketing.

The community is built for viewers aged 18-49 from FOX drama, reality, comedy, and animation programs and will give FOX better understanding of viewer preferences and facilitate communication that will help network programming and marketing decisions.

"This is the next step in FOX's broader initiative to build a deeper engagement with its customers," said Melva Benoit, FOX's senior vice president, audience intelligence and research strategy. "It keeps us on top of viewer interests and helps keep our programming on the cutting edge of network television."

Passenger enables many of the world's most innovative brands to collaborate with customers through helping them create a robust online community. Passenger provides a combination of social-networking, community-building and collaboration technologies in an intuitive and scalable platform that enhances customer experiences. With its leading-edge software-as-a-service technology and full suite of client services, Passenger is providing FOX with the ability to collaborate, build advocacy and apply analytical technologies in one single platform.

"We've found that those brands who engage their customers in a collaborative, conversational fashion gain contextual insight far greater than in any other community or social environment," Justin Cooper, co-founder and chief innovation + marketing, Passenger. "The FOX community will help spur innovation and bring a deeper level of audience engagement and loyalty for FOX."

As part of the initiative, the network will:

-- Interact with the community to get a better understanding of viewers' response to new and existing programming

-- Leverage the community members to give feedback on programming, such as plot direction, character evolution and marketing ideas

-- Develop a brand-marketing campaign with community feedback

-- Explore how customers balance television viewing and online habits

-- View and refine the community trailers for upcoming series

To kick off the community, FOX is planning to use the community's feedback for suggestions in promoting fall programming. FOX has invited subscribers from its email marketing list to join its new community.

Benoit added, "FOX viewers are excited about their ability to have a say in network programming and marketing directions."

About Passenger

Passenger(R) is the technology leader in on-demand Customer Collaboration. Through Passenger-powered Customer Collaboration, companies gain insight, drive innovation and build advocacy. Passenger combines leading social networking, collaboration and analytics technologies into a single intuitive platform, delivered Software-as-a-Service. Founded in 2005 with offices in Los Angeles, Palo Alto and New York City, the company is privately held and backed by Shelter Capital Partners, StarVest Partners and Steamboat Ventures.