June 25, 2008

Mersey DJ Helps Lead Cable TV Channel ‘Revolution’


A FORMER Juice FM DJ is the face of a hard-hitting week of programmes on a new interactive youth channel owned by Al Gore.

Current TV, on Sky channel 193 and Virgin Media 155 on cable, is currently hosting its Wasted season, hosted by Graeme Smith, and focusing on a different drug each night.

Smith said: "It shows a more balanced view. We wanted to give the real story, as a lot of people in our target audience taking drugs need to know where they stand in law, the long-term health effects. It's cautionary sometimes, but the idea is to be as realistic as possible."

Smith, 25, who also presents on Virgin Radio, lived with his family in Crosby until leaving to go to university in Manchester.

He presented the evening show on Juice between 2001 and 2002 and had just moved to the breakfast show before securing a job in London.

He describes Current TV as a "revolutionary idea".

The network was bought and set up in the States by Al Gore after he lost the 2000 presidential elections. A UK and Italian strand of the network have now been set up.

Up to one third of content is user generated. Programmes are presented in ten-minute "pods".

Current's programming ranges from daily pop culture coverage, music journalism, and unique insights into global stories through Vanguard and Citizen Journalism.

Its website current.com is the first fully integrated web and TV platform where users can participate in shaping an ongoing stream of news and information.

News content, too, is driven by responses to stories on the website, and all pods can also be watched there.

In one Wasted film, ketamine user Guff witnesses the effects of the drug in its intended anaesthetic state, primarily utilised by vets in equine surgery.

Startled to see a horse fall to the floor within seconds of the drug being administered and quickly descending into unconsciousness, the chilling realisation dawns upon Gruff that the horse has been injected with less than half of his regular evening dosage.

The Wasted season continues at 9pm every night this week and can also be seen on www.current.com/wasted

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