June 25, 2008

Dallas Zoo’s Last Elephant to Move

The last elephant in the Dallas Zoo, left alone by the recent death of her companion, is being sent to a new home at a Mexican safari park.

Chuck Siegel, in charge of animal management at the zoo, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram the zoo considered bringing in another elephant for Jenny, a 32-year-old pachyderm who has been in Dallas since 1986. But officials decided the African Safari Park southeast of Mexico City would be a better alternative.

Jenny, who weighs 5 tons, is to be moved once the summer heat is over.

The Dallas Zoo, which has had elephants on exhibit since 1923, plans to create its own African savannah during the next few years and stock it with elephants.

Elephants are part of our future, said Sean Greene, director of community relations.

Zoo elephants have become controversial in recent years with animal rights activists arguing many are kept in spaces that are too small, deny them adequate exercise and do not provide the social interactions they need.