June 26, 2008

Getting into the Swing of Things

The title of this new musical takes its name from the Tony Hatch- penned song made a huge hit by Lulu.

Shout! The New Swinging Sixties Musical: Bristol Hippodrome

The slight story follows the lives of three northern girls who come to London at the start of the Swinging Sixties but the emphasis is very much on the music.

You might expect a show which recalls the songs and events of this period to have a limited appeal to anyone under middle age.

The teenagers in the audience however, seemed to enjoy this energetic production, which moved along at a sharp pace under the guidance of director/choreographer Bill Deamer, as much as the older fans.

Even so, some references like the suave man swinging down from the stage to present a lady in the front row with a box of Milk Tray chocolates still needed to be explained to them.

Claire Sweeney and Su Pollard, both of whom made their names on TV but in very different shows, headed the hard working seven- strong cast.

Despite the emphasis being on the music, Pollard managed to more than hold her own, taking advantage of the many comic opportunities on offer.

Howard Jones provided many more laughs as the ever-present 60s DJ introducing each new year.

Whether you're looking for nostalgia or just a fun-filled evening of tuneful songs, this show, which had the audience on its feet for the finale, delivers the goods.



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