July 1, 2008

B. Napa’s “CRUSH” Documentary Wins Top Award at Oenovideo Film Festival

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"CRUSH," a documentary about the 2006 wine grape harvest, presented and sponsored by Don Sebastiani & Sons, won the top award for short films at the 2008 Oenovideo International Grape and Wine Film Festival in Gruissan, France.

"CRUSH" earned the Trophee Special for films less than 20 minutes in length. The short subject documentary was a collaboration between filmmaker Bret Lyman, his B. Napa Studio and Don Sebastiani & Sons, the Sonoma and Napa-based wine negociant. Its premiere was at the Cinema Epicuria--the 2007 Sonoma Valley Film Festival.

The film competed with 84 other wine documentaries from both France and the United States. A jury pared the field to 32 finalists and only 12 received awards. The competition featured films by both professionals and amateurs and included works of fiction, straight reporting, promotional films, commercials, research films, movies about grape-growing and winemaking techniques, environmental films and wine country tourism videos.

Lyman has produced several educational short films that are featured as Podcasts on the Don & Son's web site (www.donandsons.com). "CRUSH" was conceived by Lyman, who wanted to capture a unique representation of the annual ritual of harvest. Working with the crew at Don Sebastiani & Sons, Lyman was able to film all the elements that compose the ceremony of harvest.

"His camera followed the hard work of the people behind the ritual," said Donny Sebastiani, chief marketing officer for Don & Sons. "He filmed the family that ran the taco truck, the immigrant pickers who rose before the sun, and he really focused on our winemaker, Richard Bruno, who sacrifices time with his family every fall to meet the demands of the grape harvest. We were very proud to be involved in the production of this film, largely because we have great respect for the amount of work that goes into our final products and this film reflected that effort. We're delighted that Bret received recognition for his excellent work."

Lyman will receive the award on September 10 in a special ceremony at the French Senate building at the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris.

Don Sebastiani & Sons is a family-owned wine negociant firm specializing in the marketing of upscale varietal wines. Principals Don Sebastiani and sons, Donny and August, are third and fourth generation California vintners and merchants. The company is headquartered in Sonoma Valley and has a winery in the Napa Valley. Don Sebastiani & Sons' fast-growing The Other Guys portfolio is currently expanding at an annual growth rate of 200%: the more established Three Loose Screws portfolio includes Impact Hot Brands Smoking Loon and Pepperwood Grove.

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