July 1, 2008

Goofy Stuff Relegated to Dreamland in Scrubs


What: Scrubs

Where: TV2

When: 8pm, Wednesday


AS Scrubs heads into its seventh season, it returns to a similar format of the earlier seasons with the really goofy stuff happening only in fantasy.

"I think it's really important that people care emotionally about the characters, so they go back to being really grounded," Scrubs creator Ben Lawrence says.

"The first couple of years had a lot more dramatic elements, and we're doing that a lot more."

The show focuses on the strange experiences of medical resident John Dorian, or "JD" (Zach Braff, Garden State), as he continues on his medical career in a surreal hospital, crammed full of unpredictable staffers and patients, where humour and tragedy can collide at any time.

The change means the main character, JD, attains a new level of maturity. "JD has essentially been playing a 'man-child' since the start, and it's time for him grow up," Lawrence says, but he promises fans won't be short-changed when it comes to laughter.

Scrubs received two consecutive Emmy nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2005 and 2006, and in its debut year was nominated for two Emmy Awards and a People's Choice Award. In total, Scrubs has received 10 Emmy nominations, and in 2005, it won an Emmy for picture editing.

In episode one, JD contemplates his commitment to Kim (guest star Elizabeth Banks, The 40-Year Old Virgin), while Elliot struggles with the prospect of her upcoming marriage to Keith (Travis Schuldt).

Meanwhile, Carla, trying to protect her diabetic husband from his sweet tooth, allows Turk to choose one candy bar, and Dr Cox tries to diagnose a patient's mysterious ailment. Also back lurking in the corridors of Sacred Heart is the janitor, who is entertaining a new lady friend.


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