July 1, 2008

ArtistForce.Com Live Entertainment Business Platform Reports Explosive Growth in June

LOS ANGELES, July 1 /PRNewswire/ -- ArtistForce reports explosive growth of subscribers using the ArtistForce.com global live entertainment business platform since its release on June 1.

A progressive new system developed to provide members of the live entertainment industry a single platform, through which each individual can freely network and generate business, ArtistForce brings an entirely new set of tools to the talented people working in the live entertainment industry.

"Music consumption is at an all time high. Consumers are simply changing the way they learn about and experience entertainment," asserts Jonathan Romley, Founder & CEO. ArtistForce leverages this trend, by delivering the first on demand business platform and professional community designed specifically to support, and facilitate growth of the multi-billion dollar global live entertainment industry.

ArtistForce.com provides a total business solution for live entertainment professionals -- patent-pending real time performance offer negotiation, expense management, settlement, status tracking, box office reporting, document generation and management, contact management, industry news, and research driven by 25+ years of industry data provided by Billboard/Nielsen, as well as the only private business network exclusive to live entertainment.

ArtistForce.com subscribers can also research 40,000 Artists, 75,000 tour dates, and 8000 venues worldwide.

Cognizant of the fact that the music world is in a state of technological turmoil, enabling agents and artists alike to conduct their business more efficiently, Jonathan Romley created ArtistForce in recognition of the unique velocity of technology in the live entertainment industry. ArtistForce delivers streamlined efficiency, an unparalleled number of choices, connection, and control, by centralizing a user's day-to-day business. Paving the way for new relationships and creating opportunities for industry professionals all over the globe, ArtistForce will revolutionize the way the live entertainment industry does business, by offering working professionals the tools they need to achieve the success they desire and deserve.

Website: http://www.artistforce.com/


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Web site: http://www.artistforce.com/