July 2, 2008

Freeze Frame

Newcomer Neil Nitin Mukesh's next film Freeze is a science fiction about a guy with a camera that has supernatural powers.

And apart from taking photographs, the actor performed some breathtaking stunts too. Hesitant to talk about the film's USP, Neil said, "We've had movies about people who could see the future. But here the whole concept of the 'camera can't lie' has been used in an unexpected way."

Besides learning to take photographs like a pro, Neil had to pretend he could see more through the lens than meets the eye. "To me the most interesting part of the film was the fact that though it's a film about supernatural powers and how they can destroy or build your life, there isn't overt FX in the film. We've used the supernatural element in a very thrilling way," said the actor, who shot for the film in Bangkok with Bipasha Basu.

According to informed sources, the story reaches a point where the character sees his own death in his own camera. And Bipasha plays the girl who averts the impending catastrophe in Neil's life.

Commenting on Bipasha's role, Neil said, "At one point in the story, Bipasha has to push me off the ninth floor. Wonder why she keeps doing that? Didn't she also push Saif in Race?" After jumping off a high-rise in Bangkok without any harness and without informing his parents, Neil is now under house arrest in Mumbai.

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