July 2, 2008

Egyptian Radio Discusses African Union’s Refusal to Exclude Mugabe From Summit

Egyptian radio broadcast a commentary on 2 July by Wijdan Mubashir on the African Union's summit held in Sharm al-Shaykh over the past two days.

The radio says that "Sharm al-Shaykh's hot sun did not prevent the [African] brothers from meeting to agree on the challenges" facing Africa. "The sudden appearance of Zimbabwe's president contributed to the heated discussions," the radio says.

The radio says that "the awareness of the seriousness of the challenges [facing Africa] and the importance of uniting ranks, most likely, made the African leaders turn down the Western calls to exclude [Zimbabwean] President Mugabe". The radio adds: "President Mugabe approved entering into dialogue with the country's opposition leader to form a national unity government." It continues: "Realizing the need for Africa's unity was also crystallized in African leaders' consensus over hurrying with creating the African Union's government to pave the way for African countries' collective action."

Originally published by Arab Republic of Egypt Radio, Cairo, in Arabic 1145 2 Jul 08.

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